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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

“Half of Brits” think the rich should pay more taxes?

Metro (online) gleefully tells us the following:

Almost half of Brits think that taxes should be raised. Yes, really.”

Yes, really? Perhaps this half has firmly in mind other people being taxed, not themselves. After all, most people – yes, including the rich – already think that they're taxed too highly. I doubt that most people want to be taxed more. I even doubt that “half of Brits” do. The raised taxes they have in mind, therefore, will no doubt be for the platonic Rich.

I also wonder if much of that “half of Brits” was young. Say, students or other young people who're not, as yet, earning money.

Metro doesn't offer us any clues. For example, it says:

According to a major study of social attitudes, 48% of people asked said they backed increased taxes and spending.”

Again, “backed increased taxes” for which group? The rich?

As ever with surveys and questionnaires, all this depends on the question/s asked. For example, Metro tell us that the

percentage is the highest proportion to support such measures since 2004, according to the British Social Attitudes report”.

That could be because the questions in other questionnaires/surveys “since 2004” might have been more specific. Such as:

Would you be prepared to pay higher taxes?”

Hence the lower percentages. However, as for the current survey or questionnaire, the question seems to be have been this:

Do you believe that taxes should be raised?”

Not surprisingly, the corollary of this piece of Metro vacuity is that “[j]ust 4% said they wanted to see taxes and spending on health, education and welfare cut”. No surprises there then! Not even Evil Tories would admit to wanting less spending on the NHS.

Clearly Metro has a political slant on this issue of taxes. And it will help its slant if it quotes some professional or expert saying the same thing. Thus Metro tells us:

Roger Harding, head of public attitudes at the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) said: ‘People’s tolerance for austerity is drying up, even if that means higher taxes.'”

Again! Higher taxes for which group? Those who earn less than £25,000 a year? I doubt it. Marxist/leftwing professors or researchers on more than £75,000 and more a year? Again, I doubt it. For the rich? You've got it: yes!

All this is all in reaction to that leftwing scare-word - “austerity”. I talked about the political slant of Metro and I also mentioned the word “leftwing”. Here's Roger Harding backing me up on this when he said that this is a “leftwards tilt on tax and spend”.

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