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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Chairman Corbyn's Facebook Red Guards


It can't be denied that a “We support Jeremy Corbyn” Facebook group has 56,327 “likes” (as of the 12th of May). That looks good until you realise two things: One, many Leftists are political activists; unlike the supporters of other parties. Two, you can't win an election with 40,000 Facebook activists alone.

That stats could mean anything anyway. Apart from the fact that activism is de rigour in revolutionary circles, it could mean that some people have double or triple profiles, etc.

The first point to realise is that many (perhaps most) Corbyn disciples on Facebook are controlled and led by the Marxist group called Momentum.

Thus, again, Corbyn seems to have such large support on Facebook simply because Leftists are obsessive activists. (The Socialist Workers Party, for example, send the members of its local branches onto Internet forums and newspaper discussion sites. They obey.)

It's pretty sad anyway that people feel the need to measure political support by how many “likes” a politician gets on a Facebook page. Nonetheless, Corbyn's official Facebook page is said to have more than twice as many likes as Theresa May. That is, Corbyn has 878,756 likes: May has 369,370 likes. As for Tim Farron, he has far less than both.

On a similar theme, one Corbynite stressed the fact that the Labour Party has 600,000 members. That may be true. But it won't the election and all it shows us, again, is that Leftists are more likely to be political activists than the supporters of the Conservative Party, Ukip, etc.. However, right-wingers and Conservatives become political activists on election day. That is, they vote!

What They Do

Even if Corbynistas were to take over the whole of Facebook, and then ban all opponents (the Soviet Republic of Facebook), it would still be the case that the Labour Party lost 382 seats and 7 councils in the recent local elections.

In any case, these zealots and acolytes are so diligent that they supply us with updates of every facial movement of Corbyn's.

Other things the whores of Corbyn do is encourage his supporters to tick polls and vote – in order to create the impression that Corbyn is on the verge of a massive victory. This is called wishful thinking. It's also an attempt at a self-fulfilling prophesy. The more they say that Chairman Corbyn is going to win, the more the chances are (they think) that he will win. Faith can move mountains. Especially socialist faith.

What They Believe

Like National Socialists, Corbyn's International Socialists claim to "to share ideas and fight back against media lies". It's obviously here that “media lies” is a euphemism for criticisms of Corbyn. Such partisan views are inspired by their rage that the entire media isn't Marxist/socialist (as it once was in China, the Soviet Union, Cuba, etc.).

Yes, Corbynistas and Leftists generally are always complaining about “the Media”. Yet pro-Corbyn blogs like The Canary have their pieces more widely and extensively distributed than that evil “mainstream media”. This, again, shows the Leftists' desire for total control of the media. It's also been said that The Canary is one of the biggest recipients of posts on Facebook itself. It compares equally the the much-hated Media (with a capital 'M'). And all this is to forget the Guardian, the New Statesman, the Independent, Red Pepper and the hundreds of Leftist blogs and journals to be found all over the bleeding place.

To sum up. 

The Corbyn agenda is fuelled by a strong belief in class war and a vicious hatred of both the “Tories” and Theresa May herself. Despite that, most Leftists/socialists claim to keep their virulence for what they call the “far right”, the “populist Right” or the “alt Right”. However, their true and perennial violent hatred is for the Conservative Party. Coming in a close second (in this Leftist festival of hate) is just about everyone outside the Radical Left (including the 17,410,742 people who voted for Brexit and the millions who support the Conservative Party, Ukip, ad infinitum) It's not surprising, then, that the “Theresa May has dementia” meme has flooded Facebook and social media generally.

Stand up to Leftist hate, censorship and violence!

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