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Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Law vs. European Peoples

There's always a legal reason as to why the British state (let alone its people) can't do what it wants to do. Indeed, what it has often promised to do!

We vote in a particular government, and Muslims and Leftists - who don't rely on any kind of mandate - use lawfare against the European peoples. From the Trotskyist public-schoolite Gareth Peirce defending Abu Qatada, to "rights groups" chanting "racist" at everyone they disagree with.

The law used to be a necessary tool to keep a nation at peace and at ease with itself. Now, in all cases to do with Islam, immigration, culture, race, etc., it's working against the peoples of Europe. The Gramscian Left in Europe and the Alinskyite Left in the United States have more or less taken over the law; as well as the universities, police, councils, culture and even our churches. They now know that there won't be a violent revolution, so all this was the next best thing: a Leftist culture and law. (I.e., Marx's "superstructure" and Gramsci's 'hegemony', no less.)

This is the main reason why the British Conservative Party can never do what it has often promised to do. Firstly, we have - or had?! - European Law, alongside United Nations Law. At home, we also have a legion of Trotskyist or "progressive" lawyers intent on bringing about exactly the kind of society they want - all, again, without a vote.

Every time radical actions are put before the people, the Leftist middle-class university-based elite shout those actions down. We have to realise that even though we have a Conservative government, most of the state is Leftist (or at least left-liberal) in nature.

Voting for the Conservative Party will change very little of this, if anything. After all, the Tories have presided over a massive increase of immigration and terror. It's time for more radical solutions.

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