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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Who are these young pro-EU crybabies?

The Guardian and BBC have been heavily propagating the ostensible fact that young people overwhelmingly voted to Remain. This isn't true when you consider the diverse age-ranges used to advance various positions and the fact that a large number of under 25 year olds didn't vote at all. According to one poll, only 36% of 18 to 25 year olds voted in the Referendum. So, if anything, one conclusion could be that many yoofs don't care either way.

In addition to the romanticising of the young, we've also had the denigration and hatred of the old. For example, one BBC article focussed on the evil over-50s. Another Leftist individual talked about those Naziracistfascistbigots that make up the over-75s.

Still, when they're over 25, some of these (mainly middle-class) yoofs will no doubt end up writing for the Guardian and BBC. Or alternatively, they may become Trotskyist lawyers who will have the hots for Muslim terrorists.

And look at the un-enviromental mess Holy Youth left at Glastonbury!

The fact is that many young people are extremely intolerant, bigoted and naive. The young, after all, made up Chairman Mao's Red Guard, the Khmer Rouge and Hitler Youth. Read history before you put young people on pedestals.

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