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Thursday, 7 August 2014

George Galloway declares Bradford an "Israel free zone"

I hope that people have reported George Galloway to the police for racism and incitement to violence over his recent comments (while speaking in Leeds).

Firstly, he means Jew-free zone by "Israel free zone" because that phrase doesn't even make grammatical sense. Indeed he's said that his "Israel free Bradford " includes all Israelis: including "academics" and "tourists".

Secondly, what happens when Israelis, or Jews, visit Bradford? How will George Galloway and his followers enforce this policy? Through force and violence? It's not a legal enactment on Galloway's part; therefore violence would be the only way to uphold it.

Galloway is shamelessly tapping into 1,400 years of Islamic hatred of Jews and Judaism and pretending - to gullible kuffar - that it's all about Israel and Gaza. No it's not! This man is on record, many times, talking about "Jews" - not "Israelis" or even "Zionists". He's even used racial caricatures about Jews in the past.

Indeed the entire Muslim world is already almost "Israel free" - or Jew-free. That is what is truly at the heart of Hamas's problem. They want to make Israel Judenrein; just as Gaza already is. There are no Jews left in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, etc. either. Galloway is trying to do the same thing in Bradford!

 i) Did George Galloway ever attempt to make Bradford - or any other city - free of North Koreans or Soviets Russians? Of course not.
ii) Does he believe in making Bradford Pakistan-free in response to the massive and long-running persecution of Christians in Pakistan? Of course not.
iii) And what about banning all Iraqis and Syrians from Bradford because of what's happening to Christians - and others - in Iraq and Syria?

No doubt this will make Galloway even more popular amongst Bradford's Muslims. He may even become more of an icon than ISIS, Osama bin Laden and Hamas itself.

Isn't it strange that this self-described "anti-racist" is more responsible than almost anyone else for contributing to the latest rise in attacks on Jews - not "Israelis" or "Zionists" - throughout Europe?

Just as the Leftist whores-of-Islam have never really been anti-war (only against wars fought by Western "capitalist states"), so they have never really been against racism. Anti-racism has simply contributed - massively - to their Trotskyist/International Socialist, white, middle-class revolution.

This man is a utter hypocrite, a political exhibitionist and an opportunist. I hope this marks his downfall.... though I suspect that it won't.

See the video here:

Baroness Warsi's threats about Islamic extremism


Baroness Warsi has just warned the British that support for Israel could encourage extremism in the UK.

That's a classic piece of Muslim deceit. It's also blatant and outrageous blackmail!

Sayeeda Husain Warsi is saying:

Do what we Muslims demand, or there'll be violence and terrorism.

Muslims (including the MCB and Salma Yaqoob) have recently said exactly the same thing about the Trojan Horse investigations. Before that, they said it about taking action against Muslim terrorists in Birmingham; investigations into Muslim grooming gangs up and down the UK; and not banning the Danish cartoons, the EDL and Gert Wilders.

It seems that it doesn't take much to make Muslims extreme. And the threat of extremism - and indeed of Islamic terrorism - is something Muslims always use to get exactly what they want. Just like Hamas really.

The problem is, Muslim terrorism, violence and threats often work. Again, think of Hamas and how through engineering the deaths of their own people they brought about those inevitable pious and hypocritical demos in the West.

When are the gullible kuffar going to get it into their thick heads that violence is the first resort of many Muslims? Violence is an essential part of Islam. Muslims express their Islamic identity through violence. That's how millions of Muslims show (to themselves and other Muslims) that they are "good Muslims". Hence the endless Muslim victimhood: that perfect rationale for Islamic violence.

Why don't the gullible interfaithers and liberal Islamophiles look in their history books? Why don't they see what's happening in the world today? Why don't they see what's happening to Christians in Iraq, Syria and Warsi's own Pakistan at this very moment in time?

Today Warsi threatens Muslim "extremism" over Israel. Yesterday Islamic/Muslim extremism was said to be a result - not the cause! - of the Trojan Horse investigations. Tomorrow in will may have something to do with not allowing prayer rooms in the workplace or not banning counter-jihadist groups.

This is going to go on, and on, and on....

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Baroness Warsi resigns from the kuffar government


Sayeeda Hussain Warsi will be trying to blackmail David Cameron – even after the fact of her resignation. She's basically saying that if Cameron and the Tory Party don't speak out strongly against Israel (as Muslims demanded about the EDL, the Satanic Verses, Gert Wilders, the Danish cartoons, etc. in the past), then he will loose Muslim votes.

That is so true!

Almost all Muslims vote on sectarian (i.e., Islamic/Muslim) issues. Warsi's resignation is itself sectararian. Indeed that's how many Muslims leaders - such as the MCB, MPACUK,etc. -  tell their fellow Muslims to vote.

“Moderate” Muslims have demanded that the Tories speak out against Israel. (Other Muslims have demanded far more than that.) Then they will demand boycotts. And then... who knows.

Since there are around one and a half million voters in the UK, Muslims have political bargaining power. Indeed in some areas - such as Bradford, Birmingham, Luton, etc. - Muslims are already political game-changers.

The quicker we nip this Muslim sectarianism (or Respect-like "communalism") in the bud, the better. After all, there already exists a Muslim party - Respect. And the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has its greasy hands in all sorts of pies.

Baroness Warsi was simply a political appointee anyway. She wasn't voted into her job and wasn't even an MP.

She was appointed because she is a Muslim. And now she's resigned because she's a Muslim.

The other reason given for Warsi's resignation (other than potential demotion) is that her family, friends and the "Muslim community" have been putting pressure on her to leave her post. Basically, it's because the Government is kuffar. And all this predates the recent events in Gaza.

In other words, many Muslims can't function in non-Muslim governments because so much goes against their religion. So if they can't Islamise government, the state and society as a whole, the only alternative is to set up parallel political realities and societies (not just Muslim ghettos) - which is what many Muslims have already done up and down the UK. This, -historically and in the world today - has led to many civil wars between Muslims and their non-Muslim neighbours. And it's going to happen here - sooner or later. All you need to do is look at what's happening in Thailand, the Philippines, the "Muslim republics" which were once part of the Soviet Union, west Africa, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Syria and, yes, Israel and Gaza.

Despite Warsi's rhetoric, the Gaza issue is just the latest excuse for Muslims to assert themselves again. Tomorrow there will be another version of the Satanic Verses, the Danish Cartoons, etc. in which Muslims - and the Leftist whores-of-Islam - will take to the streets again.

Some Muslims may even be preparing for the inevitable civil war.