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Saturday, 13 December 2014

All Patriots “Must Go”: Bunny La Roche & the Left's Lesser-Gulag Policy


In Bunny La Roche's campaign against Ukip (as also with Hope Not Hate's similar campaign), her Leftist thugs have used the slogan “Farage must go”. Before that (as well as at the same time), these very same political automata have used the phrase “Cameron must go”.

In its self-publicity, Hope Not Hate claims to have dispatched the BNP and even to have done the same to the EDL. So it's understandable that Nick Lowles's group should set its sights on UKip.

Don't be naive about this campaign against “the far right”.

If these red fascists ever managed to destroy UKip (which isn't going to happen), then they would immediately try to destroy the Conservative Party too. And they'd do so with exactly the same means: with violence, intimidation and soundbites. Indeed between (roughly) the 1960s and the early 1990s, the Conservative Party was the main target of the Hard Left (as everyone who can remember the 1980s will know).

However, two things have halted this far-left campaign against the Conservative Party.

1) The rise of alternative right-wing groups in the 1990; though mainly in the late 2000s.
2) Even though the Tories are still economically capitalist (in a vague kind of way), large sections of their policies and beliefs are now either Leftist or at least Left-Liberal. (Some say the Conservative Party is“culturally Marxist and economically capitalist”.)
So this Leftist campaign against UKip (as well as against free speech) is a good thing in the following respect.

As everyone knows, Hope Not Hate, UAF-SWP, etc. have been systematically trying to silence the EDL, Gert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Douglas Murray, etc. for years. However, too few Brits will have taken much notice of this Lesser-Gulag policy. Despite that, now that these red fascists are doing exactly the same thing to UKip, people will finally begin to realise that these people are far more of a threat to democracy than any supposedly Nazi group.

These people are more of a threat than Nazis for the simple reason that they've “taken over the institutions” (as Antonio Gramsci ordered in the early 1930s).

Leftists/Trotskyists/communists can be found:

i) in all our universities
ii) in the legal professions
iii) amongst rights/race activists
iv) in the charities
v) in the offices of our national newspapers (The Guardian, the New Statesman,The Independent)
vi) in the police (or at least the CPS, “governing bodies” and “watchdogs”)
vii) in parts of the BBC
viii) and even – to some extent – in parts of the Church of England.

So even though there is indeed a very small number of genuine Nazi/fascist groups in the UK, they are still politically insignificant when compared to the power and influence of these red-fascist professionals.

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