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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Facebook Pages Under Attack From Leftists (Hope Not Hate)

This is just one method by which Hope Not Haters, or other Leftists, impose their No Platform Policy on Facebook.
Take Gilly Levett-Carpenter, Esther Angel, Gary Hastings and the rest of that gang of posh/snobby Leftists.
Esther Angel - at least that's one name she uses.
Gilly Levett-Carpenter
If they spot a Facebook page which dares to express views which they disagree with (they disagree with anything vaguely to the right of Nick Lowles of even Trotsky), then they will try to wreck it. It’s as simple as that really. This is how they do it.
First they report all supposedly “racist” and/or “fascist” (i.e, not extreme Left) contributors to Facebook for “abuse”, “false identities”, “racism”… whatever works for them. Then they try to do the same with the admins/mods of Facebook pages. If they get Facebook to ban the admin/mods, then they can effectively take the page over because there will be no one left to moderate it.
At times they try to become the moderators or admin themselves of these evil Facebook pages. They manage this, sometimes, by working as trolls pretending to believe the things that the mods/admin believe. Once they are made admin/mods, then there’s no turning back.
These haters of free speech will try or do anything to impose their No Platform Policy on Facebook (as well as everywhere else). Indeed there is a Leftist phrase which clarifies their position: “By any means necessary.” By adopting this by-any-means-necessary approach, these posh activists show us that they are indeed red fascists.

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