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Sunday, 14 April 2013

1966: "We are Jordanians." 1967: "We are Palestinians."

Before 1948 the Palestinians didn't want a state of their own. Even in and after 1948, when Israel was established, they didn't care about having a state. Then in 1967 - they did. 
Up until 1967 the West Bank and Gaza were either seen as part of "Greater Syria" (not just by Syrians) or as being part of Jordan. (The Palestinians, or most of them, are basically Jordanians - they are the same people; both ethnically and historically.)
Why the sudden change in 1967? That was when Egypt ceased control of Gaza and Jordan ceased control of the West Bank (after the war of that date). Before that, the Palestinians didn't care about having no state. They didn't care about being ruled by their fellow Jordanians or being oppressed by the Egyptians.
Then suddenly – literally! - after the 1967 war, and when Israel took control, defensively, of Gaza and the West Bank, the Palestinians wanted a state of their own… All the better to annihilate Israel.

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