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Friday, 8 February 2013

The Law now says: “Criticism of Islam is racism.”

“Islam isn’t a race.”

“ Muslims don’t constitute a single race.”

Yes! But it don't matter that Muslims don't actually/really constitute a race.

Leftists know that. Muslims know that. Everyone knows that.

That doesn't matter because pretending, or implying, that Muslims do indeed constitute a race works politically for both Leftists and Muslims. It has positive political, ideological and sociological results. That is, if you can hint – rarely claim outright - that being anti-Islam is racist; then you've won half the battle. And Leftists and Muslims are fighting various ideological battles.

The former Leftist battle is

to advance Marxism/Leftism/Justice/Peace  by whatever means necessary

(e.g., by calling all critics of Islam "racist" and fighting racism in other ways).

The latter Muslim battle is of course to advance and/or protect Islam (e.g., by calling all critics of Islam "Islamophobes" or “racists”).

Truth doesn't come into it. Leftists admit to "lying for Justice" (a variant on the Trotskyist/Leftist "by any means necessary"). And Muslims have taqiyya (lies, dissimulation, obfuscation and distortion to defend and/or advance Islam).

American Leftists academics, lawyers, etc. are even trying to write the position

the criticism of Islam = racism

into criminal law.

So it's no longer a case of:

"Critics of Islam are racist anyway. So we may as well call all critics of Islam ‘racist’."

What we now have is the literalised:

criticism of Islam IS racism.

This is a purer form of the idea that all critics of Islam are tacit - and sometimes explicit - racists.

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