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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Muslims chase cops in London... police run for cover

This is an old video (circa 2009/10); but it's still disturbing.

The British Police, up until then (and beyond), had this policy:  

Don't Touch the Muslims.

They believed that if they did Touch the Muslims:

there would have been riots (possibly bombs).

Worse than that, though, if the police did touch a Muslim group (or even an individual), then

the Leftist/Liberal Hegemony or Establishment (the Guardian, the Independent, the Law, the BBC, and the universities) would have immediately been on the police’s case. They would have publicly reprimanded and castigated the police for enforcing the law against Muslims. That is, they would have accused them of being "racist".

And the logical conclusion of this Don't Touch the Muslims policy? These members of the British Police actually running away from Muslims on the streets of London (as well as massive increase of Muslim sex-grooming, Islamisation, etc.)

Similar things have happened all over the UK: Dudley, Walsall, Birmingham, Bradford, Blackburn, etc.

Welcome to the UK, folks!

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