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Monday, 18 February 2013

65 Shia Muslim deaths & Muslim "brotherhood"

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  • Monday, 23 April 2012

    Massacre of Muslims in Syria

    Thousand of Muslims have been killed in Syria by terrorist shia government and shia Syrian forces. Irani paid killers also participated in the massacre.

    Where is UNO???
    Where are humane European Countries???
    Where is independent media???
 Friday, 19 August 2011 [From the same blog as above dotted line.]

Massacre of Muslims, by Muslims, in the month of Ramazan

Pakistani Muslims are killing Pakistani Muslims without any apparent reason. Dozens of People have been killed in Karachi recently in result of ongoing target killing and, just killing. Pakistani law and enforcement agencies have totally failed, like Pakistani Government in protecting people's lives. Terrorists are at their liberty to abduct, torture and then kill anyone. Four policemen have also killed in firing on bus.

In addition to this, suicide bomb attack killed at least 50 people, who were offering Friday prayer. These all things are going in the holy month of Ramazan.

May Allah save us!
 [From a Muslim who often posts on my Facebook page.]
 Ghea Akbar
    • do you know the differance between Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims?

      Sunni Muslims are peacefull, most in uk are Sunni. please dont put us all in same catagory. i may be young but i know that there is differance.

      i only say this so you can learn. Sunni are not blood thirsty, that is Shia
  • English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]
    • I certainly do know the difference... Indeed, it is the Shia that have a history of saying that they are 'the Oppressed' - oppressed not just by 'colonial Western powers', but also by Sunni Muslims (take Iraq!). On the whole and historically, the Sunnis have had far more state and empire power than the Shiites... Don't you realise that there are hardly any Shia Muslims in the UK?
  • Ghea Akbar
    January 10
    Ghea Akbar
    • i know there are not many Shia in uk. they are scum to us Sunni's.


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