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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Gerald Scarfe & the UN Against Israel... again

Gerald Scarf's ‘apartheid Wall’ which is in the news today.

How can you have an "apartheid wall" between what are supposed to be – or to become - two separate states? Many states have walls and fences between them.  Israel has more of a right and justification to have one because the surrounding Arabs have been trying to annihilate it for the last sixty years.

The endless noise and bother about the wall is essentially a tacit admittance that many of those who speak out against it don’t believe in a two-state solution at all. They don’t want something which separates Israel from Palestine. That is, they want Israel’s annihilation which is best secured by having no wall at all. (It will increase terrorism in Israel and be a symbol of Palestinians’ desire to rule “from the sea to the river”.). After all, what’s so strange about a wall between two separate states? There are dozens of them all around the world; some far worse than Israel’s defensive wall.
You don't hear much about this, from the UN, the Guardian or Scarfe...

More UN noise about fictional Israeli crimes of "genocide", 'apartheid', etc. On the last count, 51,000 people have died in the Palestine-Israel conflict since 1948 - over some sixty years. Some genocide! Want a real genocide? What the Islamist Sudanese government did to southern Sudanese Christians and animists - over two million dead in twenty years. 20,000 dead Muslim Kurds at the hands of Muslim Turks - over the last twenty years. More people have died in Syria in the last two years than have died in the entire Israel-Palestine conflict...

The Security Council, and the Human Rights Council, don't have much to say about these real genocides. Why? Because Sudan, Syria, Turkey, etc. are leading states in the UN - plus the other 50 or so Muslim/Islamic states.... And you wonder why the UN is obsessed by Israel?????...

International Separation Walls:

    Baghdad Wall
    Belfast Peace Lines
    Ceuta border fence
    Egypt-Gaza barrier
    Malaysia-Thailand border
    Melilla border fence
    Indo-Bangladeshi barrier
    Indo-Burma barrier
    Indian Kashmir barrier
    Iran-Pakistan barrier
    Kazakh-Uzbekistan barrier
    Korean Wall
    Kuwait-Iraq barrier
    Saudi-Yemen barrier
    Saudi-Iraq barrier
    Turkmen-Uzbekistan barrier
    United Arab Emirates-Oman barrier
    United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus
    United States–Mexico barrier
    Uzbek-Afghanistan barrier
    Uzbek-Kyrgyzstan barrier
    Moroccan Wall

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