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Monday, 3 December 2012

Tanzeel Dawar on Hitler & the EDL

Tanzeel Dawar: Dear EDL, there is a sea difference between free speech and making mockery of a religion. It’s clear as that that if you were just then y when the Muslim do something in their defence is labelled as fundamentalist ,extremist and other all new type of names and terminologies which are in used for the Muslims?? And y we love Hitler? Cz we wanted freedom from Britain at that time.. . So Hitler was the means to secure such a thing..

EDL Extra: Tanzeel, why don’t you give us an example of acceptable free speech as opposed to our simply ‘making a mockery of Islam’. Do you mean that free speech is fine as long as it doesn’t include any criticism of Islam? Do you mean that some criticisms of Islam are NOT ‘mockery’? Can you give me an example of a criticism of Islam that’s not ‘mockery’? Or is criticism of Islam by definition ‘mockery’? Is saying that Islam is ‘a death cult’ a mockery? What if I see that as a fact and not a mockery? What if I say that Islam is built on jihad? ‘Mockery’ or criticism? Both?

You mention ‘Muslim defence’. Every single act of Muslim or Islamic aggression in the last 1,300 years has been carried out on the pretext of ‘aggression from infidels’. The invasion and control of Persia by Muslims? A response to Persian aggression. The invasion of the Byzantine Empire? A Muslim response to ‘Byzantine aggression’. The Twin Towers? A Muslim response to aggression. The Islamist Sudanese state’s (plus the Islamic Janjaweed) genocide against southern Christians and animists? A response to ‘Christian aggression’ and ‘foreign infiltrators’. The Egyptian Muslims killing and persecution of the Christian Copts? A response to ‘Coptic aggression’ and Coptic ‘subterfuge’. And so on.

In fact, the very existence of infidels, or infidel states, is tantamount to aggression in Islam. This means that every act of Muslim aggression, both today and in the past, can be - and has been - categorised as ‘defensive’ by Muslims and by Islam itself. This is strange coming from the most violent, war-like,  and expansionist religion that the planet has ever produced.

*) You mention Hitler in response to my previous post saying that many Pakistani Muslims love Hitler.

I may partly agree with you. Many Pakistani Muslims did align with Hitler and the Nazis in order to free themselves from the British. But what made them think that Hitler wouldn’t have wanted to control them as well? He would have done! Also, this seemingly realpolitik alliance with Hitler also came along with a Pakistani love of National Socialist totalitarianism, Jew-hatred and Nazism’s overall war-like nature. Muslim Pakistanis didn’t only ally themselves with Hitler for practical political ends – they admired the man and his National Socialism.

Would Pakistani Muslims have allied themselves with Satan too in order to gain independence from the British? In any case, I’m not entirely sure your history is correct in the first place. Didn’t you want to separate yourself not only from the ‘infidel British’, but also from the infidel (Hindu) Indians?

Tanzeel Dawar:  According to Brown, racist couples are far more likely to be both physically and verbally abusive towards each other.

EDL Extra: Who the hell is ‘Brown’? You don’t mean Andrew Brown who writes for the Guardian?... Actually, you probably do! How do you feel about allying yourself with a Marxist, materialist and atheist who believe in a secular state?

Tanzeel Dawar: The humiliation of an EDL candidate receiving less than 30 votes in an election will hopefully put off future EDL wanna-be politicians.

EDL Extra: Hasn’t Pakistan been run by dictators for much of its history? Do you love democracy, Tanzeel, even when it rejects Islam or sharia law? Even when it allows the EDL or Jews/Zionists to gain power? Or are you only in favour of democracy when it works against the EDL?

In any case, the EDL candidate  actually the British Freedom candidate - not getting a lot of votes (he did) doesn’t make what I believe, or what the EDL believes, any less true. I didn’t realise you Pakistani Muslims were such strong democrats.

Tanzeel Dawar’s posts before I tarted them up:

Tanzeel Dawar:  Dear:# EDLs there is sea difference between free speech nd making mockery of a religion..its clear as that that..if you were just then y whn the Muslim do something in their defence is labbled as fundamenatlist ,extremisits..nd othere all new type of na.

According to Brown, racist couples are far more likely to be both physically and verbally abusive towards each other.

The humiliation of an #edl candidate recieving less than 30 votes in an election will hopefully put off future edl wanna-be politicians.

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