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Monday, 26 November 2012

Winston Churchill and BBC Appeasement

“From 1933 to the outbreak of World War II, Churchill was not permitted to talk over the British radio, which was, of course, a government monopoly administered by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Here was a leading citizen of his country, a Member of Parliament, a former cabinet minister, a man who was desperately trying by every device possible to persuade his countrymen to take steps to ward off the menace of Hitler’s Germany. He was not permitted to talk over the radio to the British people because the BBC was a government monopoly and his position was too ‘controversial’.”   Milton Friedman, from his Capitalism and Freedom
We are led - and broadcast to - by middle-class cowardly appeasers. In Churchill’s day, they were appeasers of Nazism. Today, they are appeasers of Islam and Islamism. The BBC particularly, as with its appeasement of Nazism, is extremely Islamophile. Many of its journalists, as of today, can often be found defending the actions of the Muslim Brotherhood (which rules Egypt) as well as the Islamists at home who play and use the BBC’s naiveté and ignorance (which, in at least some cases, is self-imposed for pious leftist-liberal reasons).

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