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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

VillaLoyal - the Nazi Who Tried to Destroy the EDL

Was VillaLoyal ever a fan of Villa or was he just a good police-informer or trouble-causer for the EDL?


Perhaps some EDL, not many, would say, in response to this piece, that ‘all patriots and nationalists should stick together’. Yes; there’s been a hell of a lot of infighting in the EDL. So I agree. But this is not infighting because VillaLoyal was never EDL in the first place.

There can be no sticking-together with those ‘patriots’ or ‘nationalists’ who are actually National Socialists – Nazis. Not if they believe in exterminating the Jews, killing blacks, gays, Asians, etc. I don’t want to stick together with anyone like that. And the EDL never has either. The EDL, by the same logic, should stick together with Islamists, Trots or even serial killers and paedophiles. There are differences within all movements, sure. (There are massive differences within the Conservative Party and there always has been.) But there comes a point when the differences are so massive and so obvious that any sticking-together - or cooperation - is simply out of the question. I wouldn’t even wipe my feet on a Nazi; just as I wouldn’t on a Trot or an Islamist. (Actually, I would.) And VillaLoyal is, or was, that limit. Why on earth would the EDL want to stick-together with a Nazi who has more good feelings about Hitler and German National Socialism than he does about Winston Churchill and the democratic traditions (imperfect as they are) of England? (Jesus! We went to war with these people!)

The other thing is that the EDL has supported Israel and Jewish people from the very beginning. That is just a fact. Perhaps some EDL don’t like that. I don’t know. But whatever the realities are of Israel and the Jewish people, whatever our positions are, the fact still remains that the EDL supported, and still supports, Israel and the Jewish people. If people don’t like that then I assume that EDL leaders would simply say to them that they’re free to join another movement or party. After all, would anyone join the Conservative Party if they didn’t believe in the free market or if they believed in massive tax rises for everyone? Not a chance. The same logic goes for the EDL.

However, you will nearly always find that when people say they aren’t happy with the EDL’s position on Israel and the Jews, they are also unhappy with its positions on gays, blacks, anti-racism generally. Basically, they’re against the EDL’s non-Nazi patriotism generally. (Scratch the Jew-hater or anti-Zionist hard and you’ll find much more than a hatred of the Jews underneath.)

Also, why do you think that a handful of Nazis have sniffed around the EDL so much? Simple. Because they’ve been fed the propaganda, by the UAF/SWP, Hope Not Hate, etc. , that the EDL is Nazi and these simpletons have believed it. But the totalitarian Nazis share a hell of a lot with the totalitarian left (Trots and Commies). Apparently, many Nazis and Trots have travelled together to Palestine to become piss activists for the Palestinian cause. In addition, the UAF/SWP, etc.  and the Nazis share lots of information about how evil the Jews and Zionists are on various forums and websites. Many of the Nazis have become friends with the Trots/Commies and vice versa – but probably only on two main subjects: the Jews and their joint hatred of democracy.

Birmingham’s VillaLoyal (or William Hodson?)

Perhaps this UAF is a friend of VillaLoyal.

Let’s take the extreme and obvious case of Nazi who was once called VillaLoyal. (He may still use that name, but I doubt it.) He was often to be found on the first EDL Forum which existed from around September 2009 until sometime in 2010. (I’ve been given the name ‘William Hodson’ for VillaLoyal by people who knew him on the first EDL forum. I cannot guarantee that’s his real name. If he is a police-informer and EDL-destroyer, no doubt he’ll use many names. But that name came along with an email address as well…)

Now the first thing I can say about VillaLoyal is that although he regularly posted on the EDL Forum page (causing trouble between EDL - but we assumed he was an EDL supporter),  I never saw him at a single EDL demo – not even on one of the Birmingham/Dudley, West Brom/Walsall/etc. demos. (I went on just about every early EDL demo – in Brum and elsewhere.) Now that’s very surprising because he lives in the Birmingham area. I never saw him at a single EDL meeting in the area either.

Now this is indeed personal. Of course it is. But only partly personal. This man, VillaLoyal, got me kicked off the first EDL forum and accused me of being a ‘police informer’ and taper of EDL conversations. Of course no evidence of any kind was shown to anyone. However, it is possible that VillaLoyal was a police informer himself; either that or a Nazi trying to either destroy the EDL or fundamentally change it into a Nazi outfit. Perhaps he was a Nazi and he worked for the police – after all, what would have been the best way of destroying the EDL? By saying it is 'Nazi' or by making it Nazi. If VillaLoyal had made the EDL as Nazi as possible, then the police, which he probably worked for, would have had even more of an excuse to ban it.

I met VillaLoyal once – maybe twice. We got together with some other EDL to ‘take photographs’ of a leftist-union demo that was going on in Birmingham. It was his idea; not mine. Now I realize that this little get-together may have been for the purpose of him seeing who I was; not to take photos of leftists who already had their photos splashed across the Internet. (I went to meet other ‘EDL’.)

The guy was on crutches. He was between 40 and 50 years of age then (circa early 2010). He was quite articulate but didn’t speak that much. He went on about the ‘nationalist class war’; which is fair enough but it certainly wasn’t EDL policy. (In fact, it is exactly the same policy as the Class War anarchist group which existed in the 1980s  - perhaps it still does. The ‘nationalist’ bit was a difference which didn’t seem to make a difference when compared to Class War and other anarchist groups.  But in what way could a class-war group be ‘nationalist’?)

I already knew he believed in class war from his postings on the EDL Forum. I already also knew that he was fiercely ‘anti-Zionist’ and anti-Israel. Later it became clear that he was just a good old-fashioned Nazi anti-Jew masquerading behind anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism; just as Leftists and Islamists, fellow totalitarians, often do. His only argument against Israel and the Jews at the time was that Irgun or whoever had killed British soldiers around 1947/8. Thus he concluded that we should be utterly against Israel today. But this argument would also mean that we should also be against Germany, France (the Vichy part), Italy and even every other country we have had trouble with in the past. This may well have appealed to VillaLoyal too considering he was a Nazi and not at a typical British patriot. In fact, people who admire Nazi Germany and Hitler so much can hardly be classed as British patriots or even British nationalists in the first place.

Because of my strong support of Israel and Jewish people, he carried on a campaign against me on the EDL Forum. However, my ‘pro-Zionism’ was not enough so he made up the story that I was a ‘police informer’ who went around recording EDL members’ conversations (But of course he wasn’t even EDL himself!)

Because he was on the Forum so much he had made lots of friends. And because he was called ‘VillaLoyal’ and pretended to like football (maybe he does) that must have also endeared him to many people on the EDL forum (especially Villa fans). Thus many EDL must have been keen to believe his obvious lies. They did. I was banned from the Forum. First my blog was taken away. Then my posts and finally I couldn’t even get on.

*) There are many other reasons to suspect his EDL credentials. 
Another good reason to believe that VillaLoyal was himself a police informer is that his entire purpose on the Forum, and maybe elsewhere, was to cause trouble between different EDL members and positions. This is precisely what a police informer or plant would do. And he did that very well because I wasn’t the only target. Other people, all non-Nazis, were also targeted by VillaLoyal.

The other despicable thing about VillaLoyal (or William Hodson) is that he probably got much of his information from the UAF and from Hope Not Hate – all totalitarians together, eh? He was regurgitating a lot of the stuff they had already published; stuff about Jews, Israel and ‘Zionists within the EDL’. Most of it was pure conspiracy theory, which totalitarian Nazis, Trots and Communists live off (especially when they’re about Jews/Zionists/Israelis).

Some of that false information peddled by VillaLoyal, care of UAF and Hope Not Hate, was about Alan Lake. Alan Lake was not a born-billionaire. (He had a working-class background.) He wasn’t Jewish. And even if he supported the Israelis; he didn’t single out the Israelis any more than the many of the other victims of Islam and Islamism. (E.g., the Christians in Egypt, the Buddhists in Thailand, the animists and Christians in southern Sudan, etc.) But of course Alan Lake had to be Jewish otherwise he couldn’t have been a ‘puppet-master’. That would make the Nazi (plus UAF) conspiracy theories  sexier if Alan Lake had been Jewish. (And just yesterday I was told, by a 'true Nationalist', that David Cameron is half-Jewish and that 'fact' explains why he is doing the bad things he’s doing.)

At the end of the day, or by the time he had finished, VillaLoyal had targeted every single major EDL leader and figure. Not the ones behind the scenes on the Internet or Facebook; but the constructive activists and leaders. It was only a matter of time before he would focus on Kev Carroll and Tommy Robinson. For all I know he did. However, other Nazis have done that instead. Because Nazis are racist, they have of course concluded that Carroll and Robinson must be ‘Irish Republicans’ - or even IRA - quite simply because their parents are Irish Catholics. Now no doubt there are various conspiracy theories doing the rounds in Internet and Facebook Land; but these theories would have come only after the realisation that Tommy and Kev are the children of Irish Catholics. That fact alone would have motivated the search for various conspiracy theories which would have simply backed-up the racism towards the Catholic Irish which already existed in the small minds of these Nazis.
The EDL supported Israel then (September 2009 in Birmingham) and it supports Israel now.

*) Incidentally, I’m not saying that VillaLoyal (or William Hodson) is a Nazi just because he’s anti-Zionist. I don’t even think that his being against the Jews is enough to class him as a ‘Nazi’. VillaLoyal is a Nazi because he’s also racist against blacks, Asians, possibly the Irish, etc. too. He’s also committed to totalitarianism and hates democracy. He probably loves violence and war. You know; the whole Nazi package. There is one slight anomaly, though, and that’s his theory of ‘nationalist class war’. Perhaps that was just a ruse on his part too. (Can anyone fill me in on this?)

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