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Saturday, 24 November 2012

The EDL position on Ireland & Irish Republicans

Will Tommy plead guilty to having Irish parents? He already has. Can he rid himself of his Irish (Catholic) 'blood'? No. Therefore he is a Republican who supports the IRA. Welcome to English Nazi logic.

I received a post from an American interested in the EDL. She specifically asked me if the EDL thought that Ireland was ‘inferior’. (A strange question; in a sense.)

I don't think the EDL has a position on Ireland. It's a single-issue group against Muslim supremacism (plus all the crimes and shit which follow from that supremacism). Even British Freedom probably doesn't have a specific position on Ireland... Some individual EDL supporters may well do so.

Considering the fact that Kev Carroll and Tommy Robinson have Irish names and backgrounds, I doubt they could be racist towards Ireland. Having said that; various UK Nazi groups have classed them as ‘Republicans’ and even ‘IRA supporters’. (Something to do with their being in the same room as ‘known Republicans’; which is hard not to do within Northern Ireland and even in Irish get-togethers in the UK.) All this really means is that they know they have Irish Catholic backgrounds so they simply assume that they must be IRA or Republican. (It is then that the conspiracy theories are invented in order to back up what the Nazis already believe.) And because these UK Nazis are racist; then they will be racist towards English people with Irish names and backgrounds as well. They single out Jews today (because of their deep and profound love of the Palestinians), but tomorrow it will be the blacks and the day after that it'll be the Irish followed by people from Sussex if they're from Yorkshire or Yorkshiremen if they're from Sussex.

This is strange coming from Englishmen because many would say that at least 50% of Englishmen have at least some Irish or ‘Celtic’ blood in them. As for being Anglo Saxons. What were the Nazis’ ancestors before they were Anglo Saxons? What were there ancestors after they were Anglo Saxons? And what were the chances they remained racially pure both before and after the Anglo Saxon hegemony in England?

I have an Irish name myself.  I’m probably less Irish than many of the Nazi racists who have names like ‘Smith’, ‘Walden’, ‘Waldron’, ‘Searle’, etc.  Indeed someone called ‘McVeigh’ once got into a fight with me because he said I was Irish. (My name is a very common Irish name and McVeigh is a slightly less common Irish name.)

As for the IRA, I despise them almost as much as I despise Islamist terrorists; and for many of the same reasons. I have never understood why some Americans romanticised the IRA and yet have a strong position against Islamist terrorists.

Despite all this, the very fact I have an Irish name will mean, to brainless UK Nazis, that all the above is bullshit. All lies. I will be a ‘puppet’ of Republicans or even of the IRA. That’s can’t be true because the very same Nazis think I’m already a ‘puppet’ of the Zionists, or the blacks…

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