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Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Concept of Haraam (What is Forbidden) in Islam

The rules of what is haraam can, in principle, proliferate almost indefinitely when you realize that one principle of what is haram (not allowed) is that ‘which leads to haraam is itself haraam’. This will give ample leeway to the Islamic zealots, fundamentalists and Islamists.

For example, it is very clear that sex outside of marriage (except with a slave-girl, a concubine, a kuffar girl who is raped or groomed as ‘booty’ and/or punishment for being a non-believer) with a Muslim woman is haraam – most certainly not permitted. However, lots of things can be seen – and are seen!  – as leading to sex outside marriage. The list is huge.

It is said that ‘[a] man may not sit alone, for example, with his female cousin if they are not married’ because ‘this could lead to sex outside of marriage’ (120).

If a Muslim wife refuses sex with her husband this could lead to the man seeking sex outside marriage. Thus it is haraam for a Muslim wife to reject her husband’s sexual advances.

More familiarly, to non-Muslims,

“the wearing of immodest clothes… the indiscriminate mingling of men and women, discotheques, beauty contests  also lea d to what is haraam – that which contributes to Muslim men seeking sex outside marriage.”

More fantastically, allowing any kind of homosexuality, which is itself haram, will lead to things which are far worse. That is to “tolerating homosexuality… means encouraging them [homosexuals] and pushing more and more people to practice them.” (118)

Homosexuality, which is unequivocally haraam, will lead to something which is even worse than all that. It will lead to ‘the death of humankind’. This – sort of - follows, according to deviant Islamic logic, in that if homosexuality can be spread, as it were, to ‘more and more people’, then, indeed, humankind will die.

What’s the Islamic solution then? Simple:

“A person committing sodomy [which is not synonymous with homosexuality] is also to be punished by death.”

So everything the ‘Muslim extremists’ and ‘fundamentalists’, as well as those who are ‘moderate’,  say about Islam, in relation to gays, marriage, sexual inter-mixing, discos, beauty contests, etc. is right! They are speaking the truth about Islam. This is even more unequivocally the case because all these quotes are from Abdul Wahid Hamid’s Islam the Natural Way. Hamid is not only classed as a ‘moderate Muslim’ by the Church of Interfaith (as well as by many other non-Muslims), he is also heavily involved in the ‘interfaith movement’ itself.


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