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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Support plea to Muslim drinkers

Bradford is facing a Muslim drink problem at the moment. Fifteen Imams have offered to help overcome it.

The Islamic clerics are all members of the Bradford Imam Forum (BIF). (You may remember this forum organising demos and being very vocal about the recent ‘anti-Islam film’ called ‘The Innocence of Islam’.)

The response to this Muslim drink problem is not actually the Bradford Imam Forum’s idea. It was invited by the Bradford Lifeline Project (which is non-Islamic) to deal with these issues.

Of course it would be churlish of me to criticise Muslims for not following one of the most important tenets of sharia law - the complete prohibition of the drinking of alcohol. Not all Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc. follow every law or tenet of their religion either. However, as you would expect, the Bradford Imam Forum (BIF) has blamed it all on the West.

Ilyas Khan, of the Bradford Imam Forum, said that Muslims in Bradford drink to excess because “they live in Western society” and that they “get sucked in [to Western society]”. Well, I have news for Mr Khan. Stop your Westernophobia, or Occidentalism, and realise that not every Westerner, or non-Muslim Bradfordian, drinks to excess or even drinks at all. My mother never drinks. I drink to excess.

If you’re forbidden to ‘generalise about Muslims’, then Muslims should be forbidden to generalise about Westerners (or non-Muslim Bradfordians).

In addition, boozing has been prevalent in Muslim countries, here and there and on and off, since the time of Muhammed. In Cairo, Tunis, Beirut, Algiers, etc., especially in the 1950s and beyond, there was a big culture of Muslim boozers; though most of them were members of the educated elite and things may have changed since Islam began to rear it ugly head again from the 1980s (perhaps earlier) onwards. In other words, the Muslim metropolises have have nearly always had drinking cultures, as Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood are keen to point out.

Incidentally, Muslims also often claims that this or that Muslim country is basically ‘crime free’ precisely because of Islam or sharia law. But Islamabad, amongst other cities, is currently like the Wild West in terms of crime and non-religiously-inspired killings. (They have lots of that too!) Crime is even - even? - omnipresent in Hamas’s post-Fatah Gaza; as it is around the Arab-Muslim world.

Not only all that. Sure, hudud - or getting flogged or your hands chopped off or your tongue cut out - may stop some Muslims drinking or fornicating - but is that a good thing? Many Westerners - though not all -  would rather have a ‘drinking culture’ and ‘promiscuity’ (a fave Muslim criticism of the West) than a brutal and sick sharia law.

*) Bradford’s ‘Muslim community’ may have problems with drink. Non-Muslims in Bradford and beyond have a big problem with Muslims selling crack and heroin, fresh from Islamic Pakistan and Islamic Afghanistan, specifically to non-Muslims. Sure, there are Muslims who also take crack and heroin, but most the the Muslim pushers don’t partake themselves and they sell exclusively to the kuffar.

Leftists and many blacks in America frequently argued, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s, that there was a deliberate police and even state policy to flood black ghettos with heroin (and later crack) in order to ‘wipe out the black man’.

That might have happened. Indeed, in terms of particular police officers and even particular police departments, it probably did happen to some extent.

If leftists can say that about the American state and the police, why can’t Bradfordian non-Muslims say something similar about the Islamic Drugs Jihad that has caused untold damage and even death throughout the North and North West? Of course the Left will laugh at such a claim. Despite that, the suppliers of heroin from Pakistan and Afghanistan, including the Taliban and other Islamic terrorist groups, have explicitly stated that it is a good thing that Western (or Bradfordian) Muslims are carrying out a drugs jihad against the kuffar. (Some Muslims in the West may even take explicit orders for Pakistani and Afghani Islamists.)

Of course the Taliban and the rest also make a hell of a lot of money from their trade in drugs (or the ingredients for heroin). But that money too is used to fuel the jihad in the West. As leftists say: ‘[Islam] by any means necessary!’

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