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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Open Letter to Kris Hopkins MP on the Muslim Grooming Gangs

Kris Hopkins MP (for Keighley & Ilkley)
Dear Kris,

Many thanks for highlighting the problem of ‘Asian’ (Muslim) gangs abusing ‘white’ (non-Muslim) girls.

However, some of your statements are not helpful; especially when it comes to statistics, percentages and proportionality.

Clearly, you would have difficulties, politically and career-wise, if you told the whole truth on this issue. But you must realise that many of these Muslims are motivated (partly?) by their Islamic beliefs.

It's with statistics and percentages, along with proportionality, where you and others go obviously wrong. For example, it’s not ‘a small percentage of men' in a community we are dealing with. Within Muslim communities, it is a large percentage of men. (I previously lived in Keighley for ten years.)

You said that "it is important to say that not all British Pakistani men are child abusers" and that "the vast majority of child abusers in this country are white”.

That has become both a cliché and a soundbite when discussing this issue! Of course ‘most abusers are white’ simply because most people in the UK are white! Are the the MPs who say this arithmetically and statistically illiterate? Or do they really know what they’re saying is prize rubbish but do so to save their own skins?

You also said that there was a problem of Muslim men thinking that women dressed in Western clothes that were more revealing than traditional dress, including a veil, were "available" for sex. So it has got something to do with Islam and not just the fact that they ‘happen to be Muslims’.

"That behaviour by some Muslim men towards western women needs to be challenged," you said. But will that happen when their Prophet was a rapist, an encourager of rape and also believed in the acquisition of concubines in the form of ‘booty’? And in a culture that virtually denies rape both within and without marriage, will that happen?

A ‘small minority’ of Muslims? Maybe. But it doesn’t help that the Islamic exemplar, the Prophet, at one time had eleven wives, married a six-year-old, told his followers to rape the kuffar, etc.

The Muslim Council of Britain said it was unhelpful to single out one community for criticism.

What if it is the problem of a ‘single community'? Sure, white men abuse. But how many white communities systematically abuse? None! So there are no abuser communities in the plural.

Readers can also write to Kris Hopkins using the above as an example or by putting their own position.


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