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Friday, 9 November 2012

Muslim Men are New, Non-Sexist Men

Many Muslim men - and women! - are quite happy to say that men are “called upon to be the protected and primary providers of the family” (25). They say this  because they believe that “women are weak or incapable of defending themselves”.

Because of all that, and here is a perfect example of Church of Interfaith Islam, this

“elevates women by freeing them from a lot of drudgery that Allah has said men are primarily responsible for” (251). 

Never once have I heard this said before by a Muslim (out of the Church of Interfaith environment) and I certainly have never seen it practised in the Muslim world - or even here in the UK. This is so extreme and blatantly deceitful that the author, Abdul Wahid Hamid, must simply be lying. (Not even to himself - to non-Muslims.) Failing that, he’s simply speaking the language of the Church of Interfaith - a version of Islam which is used to hoodwink the most obstinately Islamophile members of that Church. In fact, from experience, I would say that the exact opposite is true of the average - or indeed all - Muslim families. Rather than Muslim women being “freed from household drudgery”, it’s often the case that such a thing makes up their entire lives; along with the having and bringing up of children.

This writer then goes even further. He says that Muslim “women are not even obligated to do the housework” (251). Really? This cannot possibly mean that Muslim men usually do it. It could mean, however, that no one does the housework!

To top all this. This Church of Interfaith Muslim wants us to believe that “the Prophet Muhammed worked around the house as much as any other member of his family”. That’s right. A man who at one point had eleven wives “worked around the hose”. That is, when he wasn’t being a warrior and a prophet.  I suppose I can ask what ‘working around the house’ actually mean to Hamid. I have a vision of Muhammed doing the washing-up in his rubber Marigold gloves. Either that, or it means he fixed the TV or swept the camel shit up.

The quotes are from Islam the Natural Way, by Abdul Wahid Hamid

“At last, a splendid introduction to Islam. Clear, forthright and confident.... Islam the Natural Way is an authentic presentation of Islam and its worldview." - M A Sherif, The Muslim News, London

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