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Monday, 26 November 2012

Lionheart's analysis of Tommy Robinson's 'Irish Republicanism'...

Lionheart's mind - if he actually has one - is running wild with conspiracy theories. I wouldn't mind if he had facts, data, reports, info., argumentation, etc. to back his many theories up. Then again, if he had these things, he wouldn't be a conspiracy theorist. And it won't help his cause - whatever it is - if he uses yet another conspiracy theory to back-up the one that's just been demolished.

My comments are in square brackets:

A liar is always a liar... [This is about someone called Alan Lake.]

Is it a Republican faction in the UK backing this group and protecting [Alan] Lake from prosecution?

[This sounds like pathetic insider-politics. The conspiracy theorist’s fantasy land. I may be wrong. It may actually be profound and true.]

They are Irish Republican stock after all.

[Really? Is that because their parents are Irish Catholic? Is that all it takes for this cretin? Not all Catholics were Republicans - and certainly not all Catholics supported the IRA… Or is this really about Tommy and Kev’s race? Their being Irish ‘by blood’?]

I hear from my reliable EDL sources that "Tommy" & Co have been in direct talks with Noraid Chicago chapter about funding their politics in the UK which is Paul Weston's British Freedom Party (BFP).

[He heard it from ‘reliable sources’? Is that it? No evidence no facts no nothing? Of course his conspiracy theorist friends who already believe this stuff are highly likely to believe more of it. But that’s all about the psychological nature of conspiracy theorists as well as their racism… Along with the fact that they’re often pretty fucking dense.]

Direct threat to the throne of England, and Operation Breivik and part 2 has been tailored for the UK militant right-wing scene with the "2083" manifesto in perfect English signed by Breivik's Anglicised name.

[These are incredibly strong accusations he’s making yet he doesn’t even feel the slightest need to back any of it up. (Even if he does elsewhere; he should at least hint at the evidence here.) He doesn’t need to. Those who want to believe will believe regardless of facts, evidence, data, argumentation, etc. They’ll believe because they already believe and because they want to believe.]

You think the likes of Alan Lake & Co are using the EDL and its membership for Saturday fun?

[Yet more conspiracy theory! What is it with the far left, the Nazis and the Islamists? They all live off conspiracy theories. Without them they’d be fucked. They’d have to indulge in grown-up politics. And they haven’t got what it takes to do that….

And all this stuff about ‘using the EDL’. You know, like ‘Zionist puppet-masters’ and the ‘media brainwashing’ the unwashed. Who’s the puppet-master today? The Jews? The Zionists? The Media? The Irish Republicans? The aliens?... And what does all this boil down to? This: if you’re not Lionheart, or in the SWP/UAF, or a Nazi, or an Islamist, then you simply must be brainwashed or a puppet of some greater evil force. Only these people, of course, are capable of escaping that evil force. And they do so simply by virtue that they are Lionheart, or Nazis, or leftists, or Islamists.]

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