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Thursday, 29 November 2012

EDL & counter-jihadists check your library to see if your blog has been 'blocked'

Instead of burning books, or banning websites, why not 'block' them instead?

Counter-jihadists and members of the EDL who have blogs and websites should check their local public library to see if they’ve been blocked (banned) by their local councils.

I had three blogs blocked (banned) by Bradford Metropolitan Council. (They might have been blocked by other councils as well.) Because I had the Internet myself, I didn’t know they were banned until I had a time without the Internet at home. Then I had to rely on my local public library. I discovered that three of my blogs were blocked and might well have been blocked for years. (How would I have known?)

The three blogs which were blocked were Counter-Jihad: Beyond the EDL ( which has had 667,670 ‘pageviews’ up until now – no thanks to Bradford Met Council!) and Jihad/Counter-Jihad: News and Comment. But most bizarrely of all my blog called “Islam and the Far Left”. I could partly understand why the blog with the word “EDL” in the title was blocked; but not the other two.

So I went to find out. Don’t ask the librarians because they will simply pass you on to the local ‘head of libraries’. Don’t go to them either because they will pass you on to the Head on IT at the local council office. Of course things may be slightly different in different councils.

I contacted the Head of IT and, at first, she fobbed me off with talk of ‘automated blockings’. These blockings are carried out by certain programmes. That’s probably true. But that doesn’t stop the fact that the programmes (the software) were created by a living human being. It doesn’t stop the fact that something can be done about software that is blocking things which shouldn’t be blocked. She tried to assure me, in a sense, that it wasn’t anything personal. That the blogs were probably blocked for containing swear-words and whatnot. I didn’t think so. I think they were blocked for containing words such as “EDL” and “Islam”.

After a fairly long conversation, in which I stated that I’d pursue the matter if my blogs weren’t unblocked, she said she’d look into it. She did. They were unblocked within a couple of days. Despite that, she admitted that they could easily be blocked again in the future if the need arose. They may well have been blocked again but I don’t know if they have because I haven’t accessed them in any local library recently because I have the Internet at home.

But it is a sobering thought that our councils may be blocking all EDL-supporting websites and blogs, as well as all counter-jihad blogs and websites and God knows what else! This situation is rendered even more an example of enforced political correctness because it is very easy to access jihadist, terror-supporting and Islamist sites at local libraries – hundreds of them! This means that local councils are clamping down on EDL-supporting sites at the same time as allowing websites that praise Islamic terrorism or call for full sharia law in the UK! What distorted and despicable standards (some of) our councils seem to have.

Anyway. Anyone who’s worried about their blog or website being “blocked” by their local council, check it out and see if it is. And then do something about it. No surrender!

Formerly (maybe still) blocked blogs:

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