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Friday, 30 November 2012

An English Nazi's Deep & Sincere Love For the Palestinians

Jack Waldron is a regular poster on EDL Extra. The problem is that he hides his FB page from me. Not only that. After posting for six months or so, I’ve just discovered that his posts are hidden to other readers of EDL Extra too. He comes. Says he piece. Then disappears again. Never with any comeback.

Because of his secretiveness and his obsession with the Palestinians, I think he may well be a Muslim masquerading as an ‘English Nationalist’.
Jack Waldron: You can do this if you want the fact is if you deny a nation a right to exist a right to food and aid and bombard there poorly equipt cities they will get angry and fight back I wouldn't expect anything else from an organisation that has got nothing to do with British nationalism and is more concerned about Israeli affairs why should Hamas recognise Israel if Israel does not recognise the Palestinian state TWO STATE solution would create peace to the middle east simple as that

English Defence League Extra:  Jack, if it’s wrong for False Nationalists to focus on Israel why is it right for the New Nazi to obsess about the plight of Palestinians and even of Hamas? Why this sudden love for people with brown skin? Has it got anything to do, perchance, with the fact that Israelis are JEWS?! If the Palestinians were at war with anyone other than the Jews, you'd have ZERO interest in their plight.

Jack, do you care about the Syrian victims of Islamism? No; because they aren’t the victims of the JEWS. Do you care about the brown and black victims of the Sudanese state and the Janjaweed? No; because they aren't the victims of the JEWS. Do you care about any other non-English group that is not the victim of the JEWS? Of course you don't! And that, Jack, is why you're a retarded old-school Nazi (or a Muslim pretending to be a Nationalist) using the Palestinian situation as yet another EXCUSE to have a go at the JEWS.

Oh, Jack I’m beginning to suspect that you really are a Muslim pretending to be an English Nationalist. English Nazis defending brown Palestinians - the Theatre of the Absurd! Anything can - and does! - rationalise and justify a Nazi’s pre-existing Jew-hatred. Jack's deep and profound love of the brown Palestinians is a good case. He's a nut-job.

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