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Monday, 12 November 2012

Abu Qatada is Free!

Gareth Peirce defends another 'victim of British justice'. Another oppressed Muslim.

Abu Qatada is to be released from prison after winning the latest round in his battle against deportation.

Repeat. Abu Qatada is to be released from prison.

Qatada has been fighting extradition for over ten years. He is now to be released on bail after judges on Monday approved his appeal against deportation to Jordan to stand trial.

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission allowed Qatada's appeal, saying despite assurances to Home Secretary Theresa May, it could not be sure that evidence from witnesses who had been tortured would not be included in a retrial in the Middle East country.

The Islamic extremist and planner of Islamic terrorism, will return to his home address - although he is said to be planning to move with his family.

*) Basically, it seems that it’s impossible to extradite any known terrorist.

What's behind this is not that Qatada, Hamza, and all the rest, are innocent or may be innocent. They are not even thought to be innocent by the Government. And it’s probably even the case that all those left-wing and left-liberal lawyers, such as Gareth Peirce (see image with post), who support and exonerate these killers, know they guilty. (That doesn’t matter to them because supporting the enemies of the British state is a way which allows them to chip away at the ‘liberal-capitalist' entity, which many of them despise, despite their being creatures and beneficiaries of it.)

What is at the heart of this is the Government’s is the obscene ‘covenant’ which has been signed, even if not literally signed, between HMG and the terrorists. The logic is simple and it’s been followed since at least the 1980s. It goes like this:

The Government believes that if these terrorists, such as Abu Qatada, do not bomb - and 'cause trouble’ - the United Kingdom, then it doesn’t matter what they do or organise elsewhere in the world.

As Khaled al-Fawwaz, the head of Bin Laden’s London office in the mid-1990s said:

“London is our association’s headquarters.... The authorities are very tolerant, as long as one does not interfere in questions of internal politics.’

The plot is even thicker that that.

In October 2001, al-Muhajiroun released this statement:

“For the moment, Muslims in the UK have a covenant of security which prevents them from attacking the laws and wealth of anyone here.”

Again, this ‘covenant’ has been jointly ‘signed’ by various UK governments and many radical British Muslims.

It doesn’t even matter if radical Muslims agitate for sharia law, violence abroad or whatever. As long as they don’t cause any trouble on these shores. The fear of the Government is that if they did stamp down on these killers, this will not only have a bad affect on the Islamists and fundamentalists who live in the UK, it may also create a climate in which more native-born Muslims become radicalised.

As usual, then, it is fear and cowardice which motivates the Government. Not only fear of radicalisation however. They fear the ‘human-rights lawyers’ and the the legions of other left-wingers and left-liberals who proclaim the cause of the Abu Qatadas of this country. They also fear the Guardian, the New Statesman, Gareth Peirce (the ‘radical lawyer’ and defender of Abu Qatada), Liberty, the Independent, and whatnot.

Oh yes. I have left out a massive other source of the Government’s fear of taking radical action on these Islamokillers - Europe. The fear the various human-rights bodies of the EU who very often castigate the Government - as well as the majority of British people! - for daring to even want to do something about these dangerous Muslims.

*) There’s a ton of support which shows Qatada to be a terrorist. The problem is, as I’ve said, that much of that evidence against Qatada refers to his crimes abroad. What he’s done abroad simply doesn’t matter to our Government. This is clearly the logic of the retard. Do they honestly believe that because they feed the crocodile, to use Winston Churchill’s metaphor, then that animal won’t one day eat them too? Of course it will! It’s only a matter of time before the Qatadas of the UK ‘bring the war to the motherland’ (to use Chomsky’s obscene statement about 9/11).

Whether or not Qatada will be tortured in Jordan is simply not our problem. We cannot risk our own citizens because a single terrorist may be tortured in the country of his birth. That’s Qatada’s problem. It’s also Jordan’s problem. It’s not our problem. In the crude morality and logic of consequentialism (which I don’t always adhere to): one nasty person’s torture - even if he were to be tortured - is worth it if such a thing will bring down the threat to our country from these religious psychos.

The following is all from Wikipedia:
Gareth Hunt Peirce is an

English solicitor, educated at the Cheltenham Ladies' College, the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics.[1] She is known for her work in high-profile cases involving miscarriages of justice, and those of people accused of Irish and Islamist terrorism.[2]

Given the forename Jean, she dropped it for her middle name Gareth while still quite young.

[3] ....She lives in Kentish Town, North London, with her husband Bill (Mellen Chamberlain) Peirce...
Gareth Peirce's maiden name was Webb . She is a collateral descendant of
Sidney and Beatrice Webb[leftist haters of the white working class, who believed that eugenics would sort them out].

... In the mid-1970s Peirce supported specific campaigns for reform of laws and police procedures that permitted the prosecution and conviction of persons solely on identification evidence... During her career she has represented

Judith Ward, a woman wrongfully convicted in 1974 of several IRA-related bombings, the Guildford Four, the Birmingham Six, the family of Jean Charles de Menezes and Moazzam Begg, a man held in extrajudicial detention by the American government.[1] In 2011, Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, appointed Peirce as his solicitor in Swedish Judicial Authority v Julian Assange.[14]...

She was appointed

CBE in 1999 for services to justice, but later wrote to Downing Street asking for it to be withdrawn, accepting responsibility and tendering an apology for any misunderstanding.[4]
... Benedict Birnberg, who first employed her as a solicitor, believes she has "transformed the criminal justice scene in this country almost single-handedly".

Michael Gove, a journalist and later a Conservative MP, once described her as being a "passionate, committed and effective supporter of the Trotskyist Socialist Alliance", which he said was committed to destabilising the Establishment. In 2005, Gove told The Sunday Telegraph that as well as serving her clients, she also has an "idealism that is motivated by a political agenda".[4]

Peirce was one of the initial eight people inducted in March 2007 into
Justice Denied magazine's Hall of Honor for her lifetime achievement in aiding the wrongly convicted.[15]
I KNEW she was a Trotskyist. Socialist Alliance to be exact. These people will LITERALLY support anyone - except the white working class - to 'destabilise the establishment' (as Michael Gove put it). In other words, she isn't an 'idealist' with 'high standards of justice'. She USES Abu Qatada and the rest to further the middle-class white Trotskyist revolution.
She's a relation of the snobbist Webbs. She went to a 'Ladies College', then Oxford, then the LSE. She could have become a leading politician quite easily. Except for the small fact that she's a revolutionary socialist - a Trotskyist. She is establishment. As is now well known, these people have lost 'the economic war' (against the free market), but they won the 'culture war' in the 1960s and onwards. She has implemented Antonio Gramsci's plan of 'taking over the institutions'. Forget revolution. You don't need revolution if you rule the institutions or if you've won the 'culture war'. The revolution’s in the process of being won. These people are half-way there.


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