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Friday, 30 November 2012

A conversation with an 'anti-fascist' (fascist) Muslim

'Stop'. 'Ban'. Gulag. Secret police. 'No platform'....

Tanzeel Dawar: We want ban on facist

English Defence League Extra: Ha ha! I post something on how Muslims attempts to ban free speech and all - and every - criticism of Islam, the Koran, etc. Then Tanzeel Dawar responds by saying, "We want ban on fascist". Rare!

Tanzeel, you use the word "fascist". What do you know about genuine fascism? Have you studied it or do you use that word for political effect? 

Perhaps you use it because you have a lazy political mind. One thing I know about Pakistan is that it has been led by dictatorships which have been pretty close to fascist in nature. Another thing I know about Pakistanis is that millions of them have a deep respect - and even a love - for Hitler and the German Nazis... This MUST mean that you use the word "fascist' in order to score an easy victory against anyone who is critical of Islam and Muslims... In other words, Tanzeel, it is YOU who is a fascist - or at least you display the fascist trait of wanting to ban anyone who criticises Islam or anyone who dared to contradict you.

Tanzeel Dawar: Racist people love stereotypes; a 2008 media study found that racist people tend to stereotype anything and everything.

English Defence League Extra: Tanzeel, you talk about stereotypes but don't highlight any of those ‘stereotypes’ which have appeared in the post or even on this page... What about stereotypes about the EDL? What about YOUR stereotypes? Why do you stereotype 'racists' by saying they ‘stereotype everything’? Really? I'm not even sure what that means or even if it is possible.

Tanzeel Dawar: As the #EDL dwindles it's being distilled down to its pure essence of filthy racists and nazis. Ewwww...

English Defence League Extra: Tanzeel, your responses convince me more than ever that we must fight on. You display everything that the EDL and I are against. Thank you Tanzeel.

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