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Sunday, 14 October 2012

The EDL Demo in Rotherham

I went down to the Rotherham demo with Bradford EDL. We went by train. All along the line we were picking up large numbers of West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire EDL. By the time of our arrival in Rotherham, we had taken over the whole train (metaphorically speaking).

The demo went well. No major problems as far as I could see.

The police were largely good-natured. Then again, not every police force in the country is quite as politically-correct and Islamophiliac as West Midlands Police. (Or, as it is justifiably called, 'West Muslims Police'.) I personally don't like the strong hatred which a minority of the EDL have for the police. They need to realise that there will be no radical change - to the Muslim problem or on any other issues which concern us - until we get the police on our side (though not necessarily at any 'political' level). If this doesn't happen, the EDL will end up as some tiny organisation, like the far-right ones, who like their tiny, exotic and elite nature.

The first speech was impassioned. And why not considering its main subject-matter? It highlighted the culpability of Rochdale police and council when it came to the Muslim-gang abuse of young white girls in Rotherham. Problem was that many of the police containing the demo were from elsewhere (e.g., Northumberland Police and some from Scarborough – 'outsiders'). That wasn't a problem because some of the EDL were from as far and wide as Newcastle and Essex. However, local journalists can't say what they usually do when they say that the EDL were 'outsiders' who were 'looking for trouble'. There were loads of lads and lasses from Rotherham. (If the EDL are always taken as 'outsiders' at every EDL demo, does that mean that its supporters are from Nowhere?) The locals had of course taken on board the terrible Muslim gang-grooming situation in Rotherham as well as the sickening corresponding lack of action, and care, from the local council, the local police and local politicians. And it was a local man, in the EDL pub, who said he supported us and would have gone on the demo had he been younger. (He was in his seventies.) He was more outraged with the situation/s in Rotherham than many young EDL.

Just as Rotherham Council patronisingly, and dismissively, offered to 'educate' a young white girl in Urdu and Punjabi, a girl who'd been abused by Muslin men since the age of 12 and who was known, by the council, to have been abused since that age, so the EDL attempted to educate Rotherham - and even educate Rotherham Council (if these people would even want to hear that which they don't – ideologically – like). And most of the people of Rotherham who were there (who, admittedly, sometimes look like spectators), did want to hear – and probably already knew – the EDL message. We got a good many positive responses, cheers, waves and whistles from the locals; which isn't a surprise because the EDL was made up of a sizeable Rotherham EDL contingent. (So much for the EDL always being 'outsiders'.)

Because The Times did a big investigative piece on Rotherham's 'networks of [Muslim] males exploiting young white females', as well as the fact that such a large network was ignored by Rotherham police and Council, I was hoping that the same newspaper would cover this demo. But I doubt that it has today. It has to be said that the national press, and often even the local press, are now effectively ignoring EDL demos lest they give us 'the oxygen of publicity'. But we're not the IRA. We're not terrorists. We're simply telling people about the dangers of Islam, Islamic terrorism, Islamism, militant Islam, Islamic grooming- and rape-gangs, Muslim drug-pushing gangs, Sharia law and a whole host of other things.

What's wrong with trying to protect young non-Muslim girls?
What's wrong with protecting freedom of speech from Sharia Blasphemy Law?

And if UAF/SWP, local politicians, etc. think we're doing what we do for 'political reasons' – then we are! No change can be affected, at least not big changes like the ones mentioned, without approaching these problems politically.

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