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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bradford's protest against the 'anti-Islam' film

Have you ever wondered why it is that there are a billion Muslims on our planet? I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that since Islam’s invention, in 7th-century Arabia, Muslims have never allowed a single criticism of Islam, Muhammad or the Koran without that critic being killed, imprisoned or punished in some other way. That being so, it is no surprise that Islam, in a sick sense, thrived and now has a billion followers.

All that is also the reason why Islam has lasted so long. Islam is a ‘fragile eggshell’ (Martin Amis) which must be protected because it is host to thousands of logical and factual errors and falsehoods and to an equal number of despicable beliefs and practices. Such an eggshell religion must have Sharia blasphemy law in order for it to survive.

And that’s why Muslims will be protesting in Bradford this Friday. They too realise that the Eggshell Religion, Islam, must be protected from even the mildest of criticisms.

For a start, is an ‘attack on Islam’ often just a CRITICISM of Islam? Is an ‘insult of Islam’ also often simply just a CRITICISM of Islam?

Anyway. Bradford’s Council For Mosques has asked the imams of Bradford’s 86 mosques (does that include Ahmaddiya mosques?) to attend this demo. And guess what. The defenders of the Eggshell Religion have agreed to the request!

Zulfi Karim, the General Secretary of the Council For Mosques, told Bradford’s Telegraph & Argus that the protesters ‘will be letting the American ambassador know the feeling of Muslims in Bradford and around the world’. The American ambassador!? Don’t these Eggshell defenders know that this film has nothing to do with the American state or Government? The Coptic Church of America made the film. (Coptic Christians are persecuted and killed throughout the Muslim world.) Or can’t Muslims make that distinction because Islam and the state are fused in so many Muslim countries? Besides which, don’t they also know that the freedom of expression, in the United States, is enshrined in its constitution - no matter what Barak Obama says in his Muslim-fear.

Zulfi Karim also talks about ‘respect for [his] faith’. Make no mistake here. These Bradfordian Muslims want this film banned outright. They wanted Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses banned outright. They wanted the Danish cartoons banned outright. They wanted that episode of South Park banned outright. Indeed this Eggshell Religion wants all and every criticism of itself banned outright. That’s what Sharia Blasphemy Law is for. And that’s why the EDL and many other groups are fighting hard against the imposition of Sharia law (blasphemy law) in the UK and in all other non-Muslim countries.

(This story was reported on the same day as the T & A featured an item on a massive gang fight between Muslims in Bradford, over who controlled the trade in heroin, crack, etc., that involved guns and iron bars. That is, the Drugs Jihad on the kuffar, which is related to the Grooming Jihad on kuffar girls.)


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