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Friday, 8 June 2012

University of East Anglia Islamic centre to close down

Student Union members, mainly Muslim, say that they're concerned about plans by the University of East Anglia to demolish its Islamic Centre.
Planning permission for the temporary building expires in August and there are currently no plans to replace the facility. Instead the Chaplaincy building will be used as a multi-faith facility.
The problem is that the majority of Muslims never really had a genuine faith in InterFaith. They leached onto InterFaith groups (run mainly by Anglicans and Methodists) in order to practise Islamic dawah. That is, Islamic proselytising to the ‘non-believer’. This is because InterFaith groups are at first created - and only then do Muslims come on board. What is happening at the University of East Anglia is different. This university already had an Islamic Centre. So why would Muslims want to change it to an InterFaith centre? What they usually do is join existing InterFaith groups and point them towards Islamic DAWAH.
This shows quite clearly that the majority of Muslims never had faith in InterFaith in the fist place. They don’t want their Islam to be watered down by an InterFaith organisation. However, Muslims love to join already-existing InterFaith groups - all the better to indulge in DAWAH.
So it is no surprise that the ‘Islamic Community’ plans to host a demonstration on campus on Friday afternoon to oppose the demolition.

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