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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) Feeds off Violence

This is an incredible photo. It shows members of UAF/SWP, including Martin Smith (in glasses a leader and former member of the SWP Central Committee), attacking, physically, a couple of shoppers right in the centre of Birmingham’s city centre (September, 2009). The two men attacked were not members of the EDL. They were not even near the EDL demos that day. However, it may well have been the case that the two Brummies declared a small degree of support for the EDL. This is clear because the conversation between these men and UAF started off non-violently. Then, suddenly, UAF members attacked them. I can only guess that the lads said something which was unacceptable to Trotskyists like Martin and UAF generally.

Violence is essential to Trotskyism - to the SWP/UAF. It is through ‘struggle’, or physical ‘mobilisation’, that people are radicalised or revolutionised. Extreme situations often create extreme changes in people’s consciousness. In other words, them more violence and conflict there is, the more people will convert to the SWP’s revolutionary and violent message.

Without violence and conflict, the Trotskyist revolutionary effort would not get off the ground. Most people, except students, have no need or desire to support violent revolution. That’s why the UAF/SWP parasitically feeds of the alienation, frustration and poverty of the working class and, nowadays, Muslims and Islamists instead.

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