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Thursday, 7 June 2012

UAF to exploit Muslims during EDL's Rochdale demo

The English Defence League is demonstrating in Rochdale on Saturday.

UAF/SWP will be exploiting the victim-status and anger of Rochdale’s Muslims in order to advance the SWP’s own desire to bring about a revolution and then instal a Marxist, revolutionary state (the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’). UAF/SWP will be trying to ‘exploit’ what has happened in Rochdale in order to radicalise or revolutionise Muslim youth there.

A Muslim interviewed by Socialist Worker said:

“But this was a sex crime, not a Muslim sex crime."

No it wasn’t only a sex crime. These were Muslim - or even Islamic - sex crimes. Throughout Europe, from Malmo to Oslo, from Rotterdam to the Paris Islamoghettos, we are experiencing massive cases of Muslim grooming, exploitation and sometimes killing. In Norway, for example, is has been said that virtually all their rapes, in a given period, were carried out by Muslims.

The Muslims in Europe - the Muslim in Rochdale, Blackburn, etc. are forming sex-gangs which systematically abuse, terrorise and rape non-Muslim females precisely because they are non-Muslims (kuffar, infidel).

This gang-aspect of Islam shows us that there is something very different about these recent cases. Of course there may have been paedophile gangs who were white. However, in all these Muslim cases large sections of  specific communities are forming sex-gangs. We are talking about cousins, fathers, sons and even next-door-neighbours.

Why such uniformity in these Muslim ghettos? Why no genuine (apart from journalist-created censures) shame or anger? Because Muslims have traditionally despised the KUFFAR - especially KUFFAR WOMEN. There is Hatred of the KUFFAR in the Koran and many references to non-infidel slaves and concubines. And since that time, Muslims have raped and abused in large gangs - the members of which often live in the very same areas.

It can also be seen that young male Muslims treat these white women as ‘booty’. ‘Booty’? This is a Koranic idea that says that in conquered areas Muslims can claim all the property and wealth there - and this included the slavery of non-Muslim girls who either become sex-slaves or concubines.

However, Nick Wigmore, a divisional secretary of Rochdale NUT and a member of the union’s national executive committee, gave his own account when he said:

“Black and minority ethnic groups are too often made scapegoats.”

This means that masses of people, EDL and many others, are saying what they say about Muslims simply because Muslims are mere ‘scapegoats’ in this ‘age of austerity’ and unemployment. It is not because of the abominable behaviour of 100s of Muslims towards our young, or because we want more prosecutions of groomer Muslims. No. All that is mere Marxist epiphenomena - not ‘underlying reality’. What is the underlying (Marxist) reality? It is the capitalist system and its creation of unemployment and ‘alienation’. That’s why ‘scapegoats’ are the focus of hate and frustration.  On the other hand, SWP/UAF believes that the plebs, and indeed young Muslims, should re-aim their hatred at capitalism and the men in Parliament who mindlessly obey its demands.

The Labour MP Gerald Kaufman will be supporting the UAF counter-demo in Rochdale. This shows us, yet again, that there is smooth continuum from these Revolutionary Trotskyist groups (UAF) all the way to Labourites (even to New Labourites!).

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