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Monday, 4 June 2012

Palestine isn't occupied, it's exploited by Muslims & Leftists [E]

- By Barry Shaw (ed. by Paul Murphy)
... endless nonsense is promoted by pro-Palestinian public relations groupies with an inexhaustible amount of funding from wealthy individuals or mindless European Governments for whom the mantra "Solve Human Rights Abuses and you Save the World"....

The world has bought into the Palestinian narrative of victimhood to the extent that, for decades, it has thrown billions of dollars into a lie. ..if you have added violence to your lie of victimhood to your crime you will, more than likely, be found guilty of fraud and assault and be thrown into the slammer. Not so with the Palestinians. They are feted, and patted, and sympathized, with by an international community that cannot see past the tears to get to the truth. They have been flavor of the month for decades while the rest of the world's genuine basketcases are ignored. The money goes to the Palestinian schnorrers with the universal publicity machine.

... When the Hamas spokesman (yes, the one with the wart) announced that Gaza was no longer "occupied", the United Nations continues to declare that the Gaza Strip is still under Israeli occupation. Any other policy would almost make the United Nations Human Rights Council redundant, so passionate have they been in inventing and passing resolutions condemning Israel. They perpetuate a lie that even Hamas denies.

In truth, the Palestinians control every aspect of society in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Hamas, in Gaza, runs the courts, the police, the jails, the schools, mosques, the media, and the social services. It has its own economy and banking. It regulates business activities. It levies taxes, controls its borders. It even imposes Shariah law on its citizens.... Hamas runs "a functioning and fully independent local civil government, buttressed by armed forces." The Palestinian Authority-controlled West Bank is thriving compared with other Arab and Islamic nations. Yet, the world still accepts the victimhood fraud.

... When Republican candidate, Newt Gingrich, recently said the Palestinians were "an invented people" he was quoting numerous Arab figures in recent history. The Arab leader, Auni Bey Abdul Hadi, told the United Nations Peel Commission in 1937, "There is no such country as Palestine. Palestine in a Zionist invention." So, at that time, Palestine was the invention of the Jews, according to a top Arab source. Philip Hitti, an Arab professor of history, told the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry into Palestine in 1946 that, "It is common knowledge that there is no such thing as Palestine in history..

They have taken the nonsense of victimhood and have deliberately prevented progress...

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