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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Muslim sexual grooming is a war against us all

Time and time again, over the last few weeks, we have heard various commentators say that ‘most sexual offenders are white’. Really?? Of course they are!! You fucking morons. White people make up the majority of the UK; so of course most sexual criminals will be white. However, when analysed proportionally, anyone with half a brain could see that there’s something very bad going on in the Pakistani Muslim community. The sexual criminals in this community far out-do, proportionately, any other ethnic or religious group. What we have here is something new - community-based sexual criminality. It has hardly ever happened before that communities have shared their sexual prey between each other as they have done in the Muslim case. Here the whole male community seems to have been involved - brothers, fathers, cousins and even neighbours. This is almost entirely new.

And it is new quite simply because these Muslims don’t think they are doing wrong. Their religion, Islam, has a very long history of ‘booty’, sexual slaves and concubines. To every Muslim, virtually every non-Muslim, not just ‘white slags’, are subhumans. If we factor that in, we will see that they are at war not just with young non-Muslim girls, but with all of us. Look around the world and see what Islam is doing. Look into history and see what Islam has already done. We are at war.

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