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Monday, 11 June 2012

More Rape-Jihad: this time in Brierfield, Burnley

The latest news in the Muslim Rape Jihad is that six Muslim men, from Brierfield (Burnley), are due to stand trial next week charged with sex offences against a teenage girl.

This news should not be emphasised simply because they are ‘Asian’. We should only comment on such happenings if they have definite cultural or religious context and explanation. For example, if an individual Muslim rapes a non-Muslim; that doesn’t need further analysis from counter-jihad groups. Rape happen in all cultures.

However, here, yet again, we have community-based abuse. That is, groups of Muslims - brothers, cousins, friends, etc. - from specific Muslim ghettos are joining together to commit their sexual crimes.

We say it again. Of course most rapists and paedophiles are ‘white’ in the UK. We know that! This is a country of around 56 million white people and around three million Muslims. So why is there such a massively disproportionate amount of Muslim gangs making the news? There is something different a new here. It is community-based sexual crimes against non-Muslim girls, who are mainly white but also often Sikh, Hindu, etc.

The list of the sexual offenders is:

Mohammed Imran Amjad (25), of Halifax Road; Haroon Mahmood (21), of John Street; Mohammed Suleman Farooq (22), of Berry Street; Omar Mazafer (21), of Halifax Road; Mohammed Zeeshan Amjad (24), of Halifax Road, and Shiraz Afzal (25), of Mansfield Crescent.

All the above are due to appear at Burnley Crown Court for trial on Monday.

The men are accused of various sex offences against a girl who was aged 14 at the time. Offences are alleged to have occurred between January 1st, 2010 and September 30th, 2010 at an address in Sackville Street, Brierfield.

Here again we have to note fact that females of the age 14, but sometimes much younger than this, are treated like adults by Muslims in that they can marry and they can be raped/abused.

The trial is expected to last four weeks.


  1. Glad to see at least one sensible post that doesnt smack of edl/bnp trolling.

    It always amazes me how these girls suddenly become "vulnerable child" victims as soon as the word "rape" is mentioned in these circumstances. Quick to forget that these same girls cavort around without parental supervision, often lying and manipulating the people around them to be with the the "grooming" gangs we are all so quick to blame.

    But just as you can't say "muslim" grooming gangs, you also cannot accuse these girls of girls of any wrong doing.

    So what of these muslim grooming gangs? And why do the commit these henious crimes? Is there any truth that these are hate crimes, or some sort of revenge trip against non-muslims?

    Well first of all, lets put the first greatest fallacy to bed.

    These are NOT muslim grooming gangs.

    They are PAKISTANI grooming gangs. Pakistani's who happen to be muslim.

    Check the heritage/origins of those accused or convicted and you will find they are mostly pakistani's or gangs with indian men (also muslim) that are predominantly pakistani led.

    This is your first clue to why it is happening, because unlike their milder indian counterparts who have integrated much better in western society, the Pakistani's are fiercely terratorial, so much so, they will ONLY marry pakistani's and even have their bodies sent to Pakistan (pure land) to be buried.

    Both Indian and Pakistani muslims have been forced to marry with other muslim men and women from their own country of origin and often from abroad with partners they have only seen briefly or sometimes only photos of!

    This causes great problems for the western trappings loving muslim men, especially the Pakistani men who are allowed to indulge in almost every activity while their parents turn a blind eye, on the understanding that when the time comes, they will settle down with their parents choice. Unfortunately for these young men, they have learnt for obvious reasons, that few western women of similar age will show any interest in them and thus they eventually turn to a younger more vunerable, but ultimately more accessible female generation that are much more susceptible to the lame but exciting world of gifts, fast cars and "gangsta" culture they are exposed to. (cont).

  2. You see the problem arises not only with the issues surrounding forced arranged marriages, that these young men forsee in their future, one that the British government have only just got round to legislating against, it also comes from the complete lack of any experience and ability to attract or talk to the opposite sex of their own age, which means (for the minority) the interest and reciprocation of interest shown by these young girls becomes hard to resist.

    This isnt in any way a defense of the actions of the men, but if we want to tackle the problem and understand the root cause of these grooming gangs and what needs to done to weed them out and stop them.

    Instead of fallling for the racist bigoted rhetoric of the nazi bnp and edl, more needs to be done to educate young girls and their parents of the dangers of falling into the trap of these gangs. More needs to be done to educate the parents of the young men who perpetrate these despicable acts of the dangerous environments they are setting for their children by denying them the rights to socialise meet and wed by their own choice.

    And more, much more needs to be done to stop the rape of our children both from grooming gangs and the forced marriages to foreign relatives which has destroyed many lives.

    1. People like you should be deported to whatever hell-hole these savages come from. NO SURRENDER!!!

  3. Its true how the girls that are being targeted are glassy eyed when they reicieved gifts.. thats no fault of theirs. They have been brought up this way. I for one come from a family where im treated like princess (love and support wise). I would probz smack any muslim man who tries to get fresh with me.

  4. I agree with your thoughts, its a crime to rape a non Muslim girl who is under age of 16 years.But first i should share this blog with other communities and collect their views.Then i give an appropriate answer regarding this matter. AED Training Halifax