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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hamas and Islamic Imperialism

The more you know about the history of Islam, the nature of Islam itself, as well as the views and beliefs of Muslims through the centuries, the more you realise that Palestine is not unique. Indeed it is not even seen as the holiest Islamic ‘land’. It can easily be argued that Saudi Arabia (because of Mecca and Medina), and even Iraq (primarily because of Baghdad), are just as ‘sacred’. Because of this, the more one also realises that far leftists, left-liberals and many anti-Zionists have effectively been hoodwinked by Hamas and numerous other Muslims. Palestine is just one more bone of contention for Islam. It is just one more ‘occupied’ territory or state. More broadly, but just as importantly, the situation in Israel and Palestine is just one more battle in the never-ending war between good and bad – between Islam and all that is non-Islamic.

Hamas’s overall position is summed up well in its well-known slogan:

“Allah is the goal. The Prophet is the model. The Koran is the constitution. The jihad is the path. And death on Allah’s path is our most sublime aspiration.”

How much clearer could Hamas be about its religious affiliations and motives? But, of course, Islam, or religion generally, is nothing but an epiphenomenon of much deeper and more important socio-economic and political factors. That’s the Marxist fairytale.

If you are left-liberal, words like the above are nothing more than Hamas posturing with rhetoric. All it really wants is the West Bank, Gaza and a good standard of living for all Palestinians.

How wrong they all are. More importantly, Hamas itself knows they are wrong

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