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Friday, 15 June 2012

The Germans come down hard on the (Muslim) Salafis

Yesterday, German police raided dozens of buildings across the country in a crackdown to ‘turn up the pressure’ on  Salafi Islamists suspected of plotting against the state.
This means that the Germans have gone way beyond the British police and state. In the UK, actions like this would only happen against ‘potential terrorists’ or known terrorists. The Germans, here, seem to be pinpointing an ideology, Salafism, regardless of its actions. They know that - as with Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Muslim Association of Britain, MPACUK, etc. - such Islamist ideologies inevitably lead to terrorist activity or other forms of violence.

The homes of members belonging to three ultra-conservative Muslim
 Salafis,” Jaeger said.
“Today’s operation shows that we’re turning up the pressure on the

This clearly shows that the Germans have no qualms, or, alternatively, they don’t have rights organisations on their backs, when it comes to dealing with Islamic extremists, such as the Salafis. Not only that. The quote above shows us that they have at least made the effort to quantify the enemy - in this case, Salafis. Actions like this would rarely happen in the UK. I also doubt that the British police, or even the state itself, would designate their enemies as Salafis. In the UK, it is only Muslim ‘extremists’ who are the enemy. That is far from helpful. Know thine enemy, as the phrase has it.
Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Authorities estimate there are about 2,500 Salafis in Germany. They espouse an austere form of Sunni Islam, but officials in Germany accuse them of also condoning violence against state institutions.

The move also accompanied an announcement from Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, saying the country has banned one particular network known as “Millatu Ibrahim.”

“(The Millatu Ibrahim group) works against our constitutional order,” he told reporters.

This is surely equivalent to the UK Government banning Hizb ut-Tahrir or, on a lesser scale, Anjem Choudary’s latest reincarnation. (Our Government has previously promised to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir, but never go around to it.)

At the beginning of May, German authorities opened a probe against 44 members of the Islamic Salafi community and 37 others after violent clashes with police in the western town of Solingen. Perhaps, then. it was these violent clsahes with the Salafis, rather than a terrorist threat, which was the last straw for the German state.

The Salafis have raised concern with their drive to convert non-Muslims, a campaign that has involved handing out 25 million copies of the Quran in
organizations were targeted in the raids, which around 1,000 officers carried out, a ministry spokesman said. Clearly this was a huge operation in various Muslim, or Salafi, communities. So much so that you would not expect such a thing to happen in the UK without MPACUK, the MCB and various leftists crying ‘victim!’ and ‘persecution!’.

Regional state interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Ralf Jaeger, described the police operation as a “decisive step by the
security services in the fight against dangerous extremists.”

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