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Sunday, 17 June 2012

First Stage of Jihad: Moderate Muslims are Inactive Muslims

Because Muslims are a minority, most of them will not be too radical or extreme. What would be the point? If they demand too much too soon (as with sharia law), or create problems for the Government, they could do themselves terrible damage. No matter how much they want to Islamise or change the UK, it would still be advisable not to demand too much too soon because such demands could, or would, backfire.

This is why we shouldn’t concentrate too much on Anjem Choudary - whatever his most recent incarnation is. His group/s are so obviously extreme that they could never do that much damage to our country. In fact, Anjem Choudary is effectively making many patriots and counter-jihadists look in the wrong direction. While Choudary pirouettes for the camera, the more ‘moderate’, or clever, groups chip slowly away at the kuffar system and the kuffar way of life. (The best example of this? The Muslim Brotherhood in its American disguise - CAIR.)

The situation in the UK was faced by Mohammed himself. In the early days, he was in a very weak position (in Mecca). Like UK Islamists, it would have been counter-productive of him to demand too much to soon (or to be extreme). He would have ended up dead - before Islam had been spread far and wide. That’s why the extremism of Muhammed had to wait until the Medina period, in which he had power and the numbers. Thus, his hatred for Jews and Judaism and rival Arab tribes, along with his extreme vision of sharia law, could finally express itself. He was no longer a minority - at least not vis-a-vis his position in Medina at this specific time.

So how would our own ‘moderate’ Muslims act if Islam were no longer such a blatant minority faith? How would MPACUK, or the MCB, etc. act if they had genuine political power as well the requisite number of Muslims to really affect change or sharia-isation.

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  1. The muslim brotherhood in America are a joke in the middle East, a fact that has obviously escaped your troll brain.