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Friday, 1 June 2012

Dewsbury police to get an idiot's guide to Islam

Muslims in Dewsbury/Kirklees are going to be teaching our bobbies a lesson in ‘Islamic culture’. We are told that up to 300 ‘frontline’ officers are going to have the various ‘myths’ they believe - about Islam and Muslims - ‘busted’. For ‘myths’ read:

anything negative about Islam = ‘myth’
anything positive about Islam = truth

Dewsbury police are required to ‘better understand’ Islam. That is, come to realise that Islam ‘is the religion of peace’ and that jihad is all about ‘inner struggle’. That terrorism is not carried out by Islamoterrorists but by ‘distorters of Islam’ (as our expert non-Muslim leaders have informed us).

Acting Chief Insp Adrian Waugh, has said:

We want to make sure that our officers have a full understanding of the diverse communities they serve on a daily basis. Our aim is always to treat everyone fairly and by taking part in the training, it gives our officers the knowledge and awareness to deal with people professionally and courteously while dealing with different religions and cultures.”

Waugh talks about ‘diverse communities’ when he really means Muslim ghettoes (created for Muslims by Muslims). I doubt that they have received even a tiny amount of the indoctrination for other communities, such as Sikhs and Hindus. And the reason why is the most Sikhs and Hindus are already part of our culture and their existence doesn’t bring about the continuous problems which the Muslim community bring about.

Faith network volunteer Waseem Riaz said:

These sessions are not designed to propagate the Islamic faith. They’re designed to give a basic introduction into the Muslim culture for staff engaging with different sections of the community. It’s myth-busting work."

Not ‘designed to propagate the Islamic faith’? Oh yes! This will be the police’s version of InterFaith activity and groups. That is,
InterFaith/ faith networking = Islamic dawah
This is all about the police showing ‘respect’ for... not ‘various cultures’, but for Islam. Islam alone. The report mentions Muslims’ beards. Will the police be told that the wearing of long beards, and pyjamas, is one one of the ways Muslims distinguish themselves from non-Muslims?

What about our common culture? What about English culture and history? Will Muslims in Dewsbury be shown to respect these things? Of course not. Yet in the future the self-ghettoisation (self-apartheid) of Muslims will be the cause of massive conflict and even civil war.

No matter how odd, or how extreme and anti-Western, the practices of Muslims are, the police are being told to respect them. No questions are ever asked. For example, the police will be told to take off their shoes before they raid a home which is full of extreme and violent Muslims. That should be fun. Shoeless coppers fighting jihadists in Dewsbury.Bring it on!

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