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Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Blood Lust of the Death Cult, Islam

Just in case you're having problems assessing just how deep Muslim hatred is for the kuffar (specifically kuffar women), just read this FaceBook post (not banned!) from a deranged and hate-infested Muslim.

It’s all there. That typical Muslim inferiority- and castration complex. He says:

‘Maggy, you think you're so civilised just because you're European.’
The problem is that Muslims think this too! Hence the rage and hatred. They know that Islam is a retrogressive death cult permanently at home in the 7th century. They know that Muslims only produce culture and science when they parasitically fed off European, Persian, Indian thinkers and scientists. (The dhimmis who paid the  jitza and sustained Islam’s power.) They know, and are embarrassed about, the well-known statistic that more books are translated into Spanish each year than have ever been translated into Arabic.

Then there’s that every-present blood lust of the death cult - Islam. He would

‘love to cut your throat open and love to watch the blood rush out’.
Charming! This is a little like that Muslim woman who attempted to kill a UK politician (she attempted to stab him) and who had previously written a poem ('How to Behead') about how aesthetically pleasing it would be for her to cut the throats of infidels. And if a young female UK Muslim could be so sick; then think about the Muslim menfolk who groom and abuse the kuffar on a daily basis? What do the imams and ‘community leaders’ really think about us?

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