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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lauren Booth simply adores the Brown Exotic

Lauren Booth, who recently converted to Islam, is seen here admiring and loving various Muslim big daddies from the PLO. These killers are Brown; therefore Exotic. Definitely Booth’s Other. She is distancing herself from the Big White Daddy. Those parents and leaders of old who sinned, on a massive scale, against the Brown Exotic.

These Brown Exotics kill innocents either because they’re oppressed themselves or because they a children. At least that’s what the Islingtonian, Lauren Booth, believes.

This is racism all over again. Or ‘inverted racism’, as some people put it. Whatever. Inverted racism is, well, racism.

In the old days the Brown Exotic could never do right. Now he can never do wrong. The Muslim Brown Exotic is infantilised. He looses his free will. All in the name of ‘supporting the Oppressed’. The Mighty Nineteen, who flew their planes into New York skyscrapers, were not responsible for their acts. They were a simple knee-jerk reaction to their oppression by the West (even if all these terrorists were educated members of the middle class and even of various Arab ‘royal families’). And Hamas cannot but help blowing up Israeli infant schools because the children of Hamas (right up to leadership) no better than than blowing people up.

However, when a member of the EDL so much as farts outside a mosque, he is deemed fully responsible and in need of a harsh punishment from ‘the State’ leftists otherwise rejects.

The very act of denying the Brown Exotic free will, or their status of adulthood, points to the fact that the middle-class Trotskyist groups, and journalists like Lauren Booth, are actually carrying on the ‘racism’ of their parents or teachers.

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