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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Yesterday's Yassar Arafat

Why was Ringo Star so loved by Western leftists and liberals? Because he personified that love for the Brown Exotic? That personification of Brown Davids fighting the oh-so-evil, and apparently white, Jews and Americans?

His gang, the PLO, was basically a bunch of hooligans and killers intent on causing trouble and killing people. Hell, in their early days (in the 1960s) they didn’t even want a ‘Palestinian state’. All they wanted was a JUDENREIN Middle East; not just a JUDENREIN Palestine.

But these hooligans were seen as thugs not just be Israelis. The Jordanians kicked them out in 1970 after a small war. They then went to Lebanon and raped, killed and plundered - all under the designation of ‘freedom fighter’. They created hell of earth in Lebanon.

Next time you wear an Arafat scarf, try do some research on this killer before you commit yourself. Unless Arabic or Muslim killers are acceptable to you.

Nowadays we must deal with Hamas and Hezbollah. They are not as criminally-minded as Arafat (who loved financial reward for being a ‘freedom fighter’ - and so did his bank), but their Islamist fanaticism makes up for a lack of greed.

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