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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Why say 'Muslim gangs'?

Why say ‘Muslim gangs’?

The religious identity of sex abusers would be irrelevant if we did not believe that the 'Asian' abuse of young non-Muslim girls didn’t have strong connections to the religion of Islam and specifically to Muslim behaviour and attitudes.

Of course all ethnicities have members who abuse young girls. But not all ethnic groups have a religion, like Islam, which sanctions and even encourages that abuse. This is but one strand of the Islamic jihad and which specifically goes back to the Koranic notion of 'booty' (i.e. in this case - non-Muslim girls) and/or Islamic slavery - amongst other Islamic things.

Jack Straw MP once almost said as much himself. This is how he put it:

‘There is a perception that some of these young men do not see white girls as equal, as valuable, of high moral standing as they see their own daughters, and their own sisters, and I think that's wrong.’
So we must strongly disagree with the judge who once said, in another Muslim 'grooming’ case, that the race of the victims and their abusers was ‘coincidental’. No; it isn’t ‘coincidental’. Pakistani Muslims rape, pimp and abuse specifically non-Muslim girls (whether they are white, Sikh or Hindu) largely - but not exclusively - because their prophet, Mohammad, told his followers not to respect non-Muslims (‘infidels’). And because even Muslim women are second-class citizens in Islamic or Muslim states; you can easily imagine how little respect the average Muslim male has for non-Muslim women.

If anyone disagree with all this, simply see how women are treated in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, the Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, Algeria and virtually every Muslim/Islamic state. And then remember that in all these cases it is Muslim women who are treated badly. It doesn’t take much imagination to transfer all this to the case of how non-Muslim women are treated in these countries. And, indeed, to how very many Muslim males treat non-Muslim women in Rochdale and in the rest of the UK.

Everyone knows that all this is about Muslim men. The police know that it’s about Muslim men. Muslim men know that it’s about Muslim men. And all the people of Rochdale and Manchester know that it’s about Muslim men. Yet regional newspapers still talk about ‘a group of men’ (which makes a change from ‘Asians’).

There must be some reason for this obvious disproportionality.

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