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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Rochdale's Muslim sex-groomers cannot be guilty

[Left: Lee Jaspers]   [For those interested, I've been banned from posting on my Facebook page for 24 hours. See you in 25 hours.]

Talk about rubbing dirt in the victims faces. A Muslim barrister, Alias Yousaf, has decided that some of the jurors in the grooming may have been influenced by truth as it had been expressed by ‘the far right’. Does it matter who purveys it? What is the truth, is the truth. And a far-right source does not in itself negate truth or fact.
Even worse than that is a Muslim protecting fellow Muslims no mater what. This is simply another case of the Umma protecting a member of the Umma. Anjem Choudary once said that ‘no Muslim is ever guilty vis-a-vis the kuffar’. Similarly, Lee Jaspers said that no black can be racist. This is the politics or ideology of self-protection and lies.

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