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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Our Friends in Saudi Arabia

Build a church in Saudi Arabia? You ain’t got a chance. Yet we supply them with weapons and have been on good terms with them for ages. Yes. Think of the power of the Arab Oil Lobby - far more influential than any Jewish Lobby.

You cannot even own a Bible in Saudi Arabia. You cannot pray in Saudi Arabia. There is no InterFaith or coexistence in Saudi Arabia. The only way it is multicultural is the servants and near-slaves from other countries who do menial work and wipe the arses of Saudi top-knobs. Even non-Arabic Muslims are treated like shit (such as the Sudanese and Pakistanis).

Saudi Arabia is the most important funder of terrorism on the planet. All that oil money has to go somewhere. It also provides Muslims - throughout the world - with enough money to carry out Islamic dawah in the West. You know. That InterFaith jive which is used by Muslims to propagate Islam. This means that

Islamic dawah = InterFaith

Failing dawah, try offering cash to successful suicide bombers in the West Bank and Gaza, as Saudi Arabia did in its Telethon. What about creating loads of European madrases in Europe? The Saudi regimes will fund you - provided that you put in a good word for Wahhabism.

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