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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Muslims breed & breed to poduce an army big enough to take over Europe

Don’t for one second believe that Muslims - everyday Muslims - don’t have their large families for reasons of increasing the Islamic Umma and increasing the power of Muslims/Islam. From the time of the Koran, Muslims have been acutely aware that a large population of jihadists - and plain Muslims - will be the best way to take over the Dar al-Harb (the Abode of the Unbelief).

Think of the massive increase of the Muslim population - both in the UK and Europe - over the last two decades. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Muslims kept themselves to themselves. Now they riot, groom and intimidate - all in virtue of a PC culture that has made Muslims beyond legality and even beyond reproach.

Today, just a decade and a half later, we have Muslim ghettos all over the UK (especially in the North West). We have Islamic grooming and abuse. We have Muslim narco-traffic to fund the jihad. We have Muslims in the House of Commons. We have Christian InterFaithers trying their hardest to expunge their own religion - Christianity.

General Qaddafi - not a strong Muslim and certainly not an Islamist - knew that the Muslim demographic explosion in Europe would secure Islamic rule and power there. Just give Muslim mothers enough time to produce masses of young jihadists. They are often nothing more than baby-machines because they know that numbers may well win the war for Islam and its control of Europe and the UK.

We must stop Muslim immigration into our country because the Muslims who already inhabit our country are already going to bring about a multitude of dangerous and violent situations. We must stop Muslims entering the UK. If we don’t - we’ll eventually die as a culture and a set of nations.

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