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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Muslim groomers are best explained by Islam & its history

I'm pretty sure that in the future we will look back at this period of denial and ignorance and be ashamed. Or at least the police, the social services and counsellors/politicians will be - and should be - ashamed.

Never before as there been such massive cases of paedophilia and grooming in our country. Never before has a single community been so clearly guilty. Never before have we seen this aspect of Islamic jihad in our country.

But nothing will dramatically change since the police, press and councillors have discovered this phenomenon. It won’t change things in the required way because these people still don’t see this as a Muslim phenomenon They talk about the reality that it is mainly whites who groom and sexually abuse. Of course whites will be the majority on that score. Whites make up over 97% - 57 million? - of the British public. How could they not make up the majority?

Yet a minority of 3 to 4 million Muslims are profoundly correlated with what can be called COMMUNITY-ABUSE. White offenders often need to scour the Internet in order to find like (paedophile)minds. In the Muslim case, these grooming gangs all belong to the same communities. They include uncles, friends, brothers and fathers - even next-door-neighbours. That's why so many Muslims are being charged.

And this community-abuse is best explained by the fact that the groomers and paedophiles are all Pakistanis - Pakistani Muslims. What is it about Pakistani Muslim males that has brought about such massive cases of abuse? The answer, quite simply, must be Islam. Islam is misogynist and Muslims often hate the kuffar. Islamic history shows us that ‘booty’, sex slaves and concubines are the prizes Muslim males receive simply for being Muslim. After all, kuffars are just ‘cattle’ (Mehdi Husan, the New Statesman editor) and the war against them is eternal and takes on many forms - including rape and grooming.

Read your history. Study the Koran. Then you will see that Islam itself is the real guilty party. Thus is is our duty, on behalf of our young, to fight both Islam itself and the many negative and deadly expressions of Islam we find in our country.

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