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Monday, 28 May 2012

A moment from Unite Against Fascism's (UAF) history

This is a scene of a spokesman for Unite Against Fascism, Martin Smith (member of the SWP) attacking Birmingham shoppers in September 2009. (This is also on video.) The Muslim man I can’t identify; but he has been seen on various UAF marches against patriots. My guess is that he’s Muslim trade unionist, SWP member or even a Muslim councillor.

Martin ‘Quasimodo’ Smith was once on the Central Committee - yes, Central Committee (Soviet-style) - of the SWP. Now he has dedicated his whole materialist and atheist life to fighting for Islamic misogyny, brutalism and imperialism/supremacism. But these people are Brown - therefore their crimes and sins are acceptable to Trotskyists and liberals.

The image above is from a day when very many Birmingham shoppers were attacked by Muslims. They were not even on the EDL demo. The fire and violence of the Muslims that day was, incidentally, sparked off by Salma Yaqoob (leader of Respect and former Muslim councillor), when she encourage direct action and violence by repeatedly chanting: ‘Whose streets? Our streets! Whose streets? Our streets!...’

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