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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mass Immigration & the Hideously White

What the Labour Party, and to some extent the Conservative Party, has done, with its policies on immigration, is so extreme, so radical, and so disastrous, that as a commentator you may suspect yourself of believing a conspiracy theory about what has happened. Think about it. Labourites have systematically and deliberately created a mass immigration policy.

Why? One: to change the electorate and thus guarantee themselves votes in Muslim and other areas.

Two: these children of Marxist theories and leftist universities are still radicals, but they haven’t given up on other means of radical change in the UK. That radical change is brought about by a policy of massive and unrestricted immigration into your country. That itself expresses a leftist/socialist view of the world. It is a massive attempt to destroy all nationalist and right-wing individuals and institutions which - or who - will quite simply, it is hoped, bow down and die in response to these radical changes in our country.

These people, the ones wearing suits and ties (not long hair and Che Guevara t-shirts), quite simply want to annihilate the leftovers of what the Guardian called ‘hideously white’ areas of England and the UK. This is revolution without a violent uprising. This is CULTURAL REVOLUTION and massive change.

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