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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Keep Palestine Judenrein

Israel is about the size of Wales. Yet Muslims, in the Middle East, want Israel too. The entire Middle East, or even the entire world, must become judenrein. In fact, once Israel and the Jews were annihilated, the Islamists would then attempt to ‘reclaim’ Spain and even southern France. Any country, which at any time, has been victim to Islamic imperialism and supremacism.

Of course, the ‘whole world is Allah’s’.

So if Israel dies, then we too will be one stop closer to dying. Yet some say:

‘What is Israel to us?’
When Hamas says it wants all Palestine, ‘from the river to the sea’, it really means:

We want the whole of Palestine. And then...
This is how arrogant and imperialist Islam really is. Even the Palestinians didn’t see themselves as the possible constituents of a future Palestine until after the Six Day War (a little before for some). They saw themselves as southern Syrians. In any case, Jordan already existed. Jordan is massive and is seen by its leaders as a Palestinian state - even if they don’t say ‘Palestinian state’. They still see themselves as brothers of the West Bankers and Gazans.

That’s where the stats go all wrong. Palestinians claimed that they hardly have any land and what land they had was stolen from them. Then Muslims and leftists cite figures which tell us that Palestinian Arabs are by far the majority. All this is nonsense.

For a start, that part of Palestine which was allotted to the Jews in 1947/8 contained a majority of Jews. If you include the West Bank and Gaza, plus Israel, then Arabs are indeed the majority. Then comes the really audacious move. Sometimes Palestinophiles also include the Arabs of Jordan in their pretend calculations. Israel did not want Jordan and, at least at first, it didn’t rule in Gaza and the West Bank.

To repeat. Jews made up the majority of what was created for Israel by the United Nations and others. If you include the West Bank, Gaza and even Jordan, then of course Jews are a minority. But Israel does not occupy Jordan. Indeed, the West Bank and Gaza was only occupied because the Arab exterminators went to war with Israel. And when the Jews retaliated, they conquered land - they conquered the West Bank (which was formerly Jordan’s prize) and Gaza (which was once Egypt’s prize). Despite winning the god-damn 1967 war, Israel still returned land to the Palestinians.

Despite all the stats and stuff, a Palestinian state is one massive deceit anyway. Palestine would exist as a state only to secure and help the future wars against Israel.

Palestinians, who are effectively Jordanians, or, formerly, southern Syrians, want a state in order to make easier the destruction of a state (Israel). That’s all that Palestinians are - a battering ram against Israel. In addition, ‘refugee’ Palestinians are a sore that Arab Muslims have used to make Westerners feel bad. They do!

If Israel were ever defeated, or ‘exterminated’, then Palestinian nationalism (nationalism without a state!) would probably more or less cease as Hamas enlarges Dar Islam (the Abode of Islam) and Arab states take their pick of Palestine.

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