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Monday, 28 May 2012

Islam - Created for Men, By Men

Islam really is a man’s religion. A man’s invention.

Think about it. A Muslim male can have multiple wives. The Proph Mohamed had 11. One Egyptian had 51. In addition, even within this set, Muslim men can still have ‘temporary marriages’ with other Muslim women. That is, for the times it takes to have full sex with the woman (about 3 minutes?).

Muslim men can marry six-year-old girls and consummate their marriage when she is nine (as Muhammad himself did).

Muslim women, in some Muslim countries, must walk at least a yard behind their husbands when he walks down the street. (I have seen this in Bradford many times.) Women must wear the hijab so that other Muslim men don’t look at the Muslimah’s hair and end up raping her. The same goes for the burka, jilbab and so on.

These are all ways to control their women-folk and not let them be seen by any other Muslim male - let alone infidel male.

In addition, if one scours the Koran and the hadiths, you will see that Muslim women don’t seem to go to Islamic Paradise. Nothing seems to be said about them. The only females there are the ‘houri’ virgins - loads of them (71) - all on a constant supply. Why pollute Islamic Paradise with non-virgin Muslimahs?

And then there is sex with animals (see image). This seems to be acceptable and only a few Islamic rules need to be followed during the sex act with sheep, camels, toads or whatever. If that doesn’t turn the Muslim on, he can always ‘thigh’ (called 'thighing') Muslim babies by placing his penis between their legs.

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