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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Can Muslim Egypt sustain (or even allow) democracy?

Millions of Egyptians have voted in the first supposedly free election in the country’s 5, 000 years.

One Egyptian, in Cairo, said that ‘We want to live better, like human beings’.

But has it been all ‘the Generals’ or the military leaders fault? If democracy does not thrive in Egypt, is it all down to the generals or military, as so many European Islamists claim? Can a huge 5,000 year period without democracy, of any kin...d, by blamed on General X or General Y? Maybe it has something to do with Egyptians. Maybe it has something to do with Egyptian Muslims. Maybe it has something to do with Islam.

Islam denounces democracy. It is the ‘government of man, not of Allah’. As for Islamic or Islamist versions of democracy - they are not democracies (which is a Western concept) at all in many Westerners’ eyes.

Just think about two recent phenomena. One of the photos I have seen is of a long que of Muslim women in their own ‘women only’ que. Not only that but every single one of them was wearing a hijab. Only ten years ago, or less, hijab-wearers would have been in the minority, as they would have been in Cairo itself.

In addition, within hours of the polls opening, a policeman was shot dead outside a voting station in Cairo. The policeman was caught up in a gun battle between supporters of rival candidates in the election.

Welcomes to Muslim democracy. Welcome to no democracy at all? Or do we have Egyptian democracy only today, but certainly not in a year’s time? You decide.

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